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ASK JTF #8 - Here is the thread where you can ask questions for our next video

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Shalom Chaim,

1. What is your opinion on Glenn Youngkin? If he wins, could that be a comeback for Virginia given the extreme left platform of Critical Racist Theory and socialism that turns off suburban voters.

2. I know passages in the Tanakh that speak of “worms and fire” have been cited to support teaching of eternal punishment in the New Testament even though sages like Rambam stated that the wicked are annihilated, which many early Christians believed before the fall of Rome and Middle Age theocracy. Do you think the concept of eternal torment has been weaponized by followers of Islam/Christianity due to literal interpretation of those beliefs?

Dr. Dan:
Shalom Chaim

1. Russian mafioso, Avigdor Lieberman, took money away from the Haredim sector and gave it to the terrorist Arab sector, who in return reallocated it back to the Haredim sector. I feel like my head is spinning. Could it be that Muslim Arab enemy has more respect for Haredim because of their relatively higher devotion to HaShem and His rules compared to the secular anti Judaism Israel Jews such as the likes of Lapid, Bennett, pro gay agenda Meretz, and other chazir eating Israeli Jews?

2. Please discuss why the parasha Chayei Sarah starts with Sarah’s death and finishes with Ishmael’s death and legacy. It’s no coincidence. I read an interesting commentary, but would like to hear what you know.

Shalom Chaim. Who were some traitors in the JDL? What do you think about specific American white nationalists?


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