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ASK JTF 11/17/21 - Chaim Ben Pesach answers questions from JTFers


Chaim Ben Pesach:

1. Video version on Rumble (the program is 65 minutes this week):

2. Video version on Odysee:

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Hrvatski Noahid:
Regardless of the actual punishment for a Gentile unintentional manslayer, he can only obtain full atonement through being killed according to Likkutei Sihot vol. 24, p. 107.

Also, Gentiles do not have Cities of Refuge for an unintentional manslayer to run to outside the Land of Israel. But if a Ger Toshav kills another Ger Toshav by mistake, he may run to one of the Cities of Refuge that will be in the Land of Israel.

There is an ideological overlap between Chabad and Kahanism. The Rebbe supported Rav Kahane. Chabad Rabbis like Weiner and Schulman teach that the Arabs have to be expelled from Israel. Have you tried pointing out this overlap to Chabad leaders? Maybe they would be willing to support the Hilltop Youth financially?   


Kahane-Was-Right BT:
Ram770, God bless you and your friends for trying to help Chaim get into Israel.  It's wonderful what you are doing. I hope you will have success.
I will try to translate this message into Ivrit:

. ה' יברך אותך ואת חבריך לנסות לעזור לחיים להיכנס לארץ ישראל.   שה' ייתן לך הצלחה

Binyamin Yisrael:
When I asked about Irish and Italian Righteous Gentiles, I meant the ones with Irish and Italian names: La Guardia, O'Dwyer, and Impellitteri. I didn't know La Guardia was a self-hating Jew. I actually asked the question about those mayors before you were born specifically because of La Guardia. I thought he was like the Italians that used to run things in the past before affirmative action people took over. Since he's Jewish, I guess that's why there is a street in Tel Aviv named after him. It's on one of the exit signs on the Ayalon Freeway. He must have been involved with the pre-state Labor Zionists.


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