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Hrvatski Noahid:
Can you explain the Oral Torah rule "from the negative, one can infer the positive" using the 7 Noahide commandments?

Dear Chaim:

(1) In so-called smash and grab attacks, Shvartza hordes are descending on retail stores and stripping them clean of goods.  Some of these hordes have  80 to 100 participants.  It's like "Van'zen" picking clean a dead carcass of meat.  In many instances there are dozens of getaway cars waiting outside to transport these criminals to safety.  Most if not all these cars have their license plates covered up to avoid detection by closed circuit cameras.  I feel like I live in Haiti or Zimbabwe.  What can be done to combat this horrible situation?

(2) I don't understand the uproar of Rep. Lauren Boebert's "joke" about Ilhan Omar - YS"V.  Omar got away with making pure unadulterated anti-semitic comments without any congressional censure or removal from her committees.  Omar is a terrorist who also married her brother!  On the other hand, Rep. Boebert makes a funny joke and the media and the left wing demand her head on a platter.  Please comment.

שלום חיים היקר מה שלומך? האם חשבת לעשות ראיון בערוץ 20 לגבי הסירוב העלייה שלך? מה דעתך על זה שיש לי הרבה קשרים במערכת הפוליטית איך ידעת שזה בזכותי קשרתי אותך לחבר הכנסת לשעבר מהליכוד ? אני זוכר את זה שזה היה לפני שנה חג חנוכה שמח לך לכול המשפחה שלך ולכול עם ישראל

In your opinion, which pro wrestler did the worst deed?
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Chris Benoit
New Jack. Look up "Mass Transit Incident" You'd be horrified.


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