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Discussion on free will

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Hrvatski Noahid:
Hello dear brother. I believe I found a good explanation that agrees with Ramban's annulment of the evil instinct AND preserves free will and the immutability of the Torah. From "Will We Still Have Free Choice When Moshiach Comes?" at the Chabad website: "good versus evil is not the only decision we make in life. There's another sort of free choice too—one that will even apply even when Moshiach comes: Good versus better. Today, the question is often whether or not we do a certain good deed. When Moshiach comes, it will be to what extent we do that Mitzvah. Will we push ourselves to the max or just be satisfied with a regular job. Today, we choose between using our talents for good things or bad things. When Moshiach comes, we will choose between nurturing those talents even further or just letting them be. Today, our battle is between good and bad. With evil working against us, we make the right decisions and propel ourselves forward. But when Moshiach comes, we'll leave this atmosphere. Evil will become a no-brainer. We will need our own rockets - the challenge of good versus better. And we will use freedom of choice to decide just how high we want to soar."

Hrvatski Noahid:
Yehonatan repost: Wow, truly beautiful, thank you so much for sharing that with me! I thought about you over shabbat. Not that you need to hear this from anyone, but i truly hope you continue in your growing in knowledge and purity and truly become like a highpriest in Gods eyes for all the noahides, may Hashem guide you in the ways of truth purity and humility and may His Name and Torah be sanctified by you and through you, a true kidush Hashem to all who see you and know you, all the days of your life and forever, iyH amen. Thanks so much for sharing with me brother!!! There's a prayer written by Rabbi Nechunia ben Hakana where the 3rd line reads "Please Mighty One, those who seek Your Oneness/Sovereignty, protect them like the pupil of the eye" Amen.

Hrvatski Noahid:
Amen! Obviously, I was thinking about you too and the apparent contradiction we discussed. I am so glad we influence each other in a way that improves our understanding of God's Torah. Thank you so much for providing a unique Jewish perspective. Please continue to do so! May God bless you in this world and the next!

Hrvatski Noahid:
Yehonatan repost: Amen my brother! 😍😍😍


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