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Question:Can you verify that Muslims Slaughter Beasts to Entities Other Than G-d


A respected rabbinical scholar accused Muslims of slaughtering animals to entities, other than G-d, for example, as part of a revenge ritual.
Does anyone have any verification or backing for this accusation?

Just to encourage research although I haven't come to any full conclusions I found this quotation at

Although Muslims vigorously deny making sacrifices to spirits, I was often told that they, like everyone else, know that economic success can only be had by securing the allegiance of a spirit. “They claim to have left the ‘things of bori’, a friend explained, ‘but everyone knows that in the privacy of their homes, Muslims regularly sacrifice to the spirits’”.


Egypt: 10-year-old disabled girl sacrificed to jinn by uncle and aunt

Ten-year-old girl in Egypt 'sacrificed to the jinn' to be buried


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