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Do you think Louisiana is a perfect example of where this country? The crime rate there is horrific especially in the big cities like Shreveport, Baton Rogue, and New Orleans.


(1) For what it is worth, there is some good news coming out of Israel.  In the past couple of years, it seems that nearly every time an Arab attacks a Jew, the Arab is shot dead. B"H - The $1 solution is alive and working well.  I don't think eliminating Arab murderers will deter them from attacking Jews. Arabs hate Jews more than they love life and Islam is a death cult.  However, at the very least there will be fewer bargaining chips for stupid Israeli leaders to use to trade for living or more often dead Jews.  And of course the leftists in Israel are bemoaning the summary execution of these Arab criminals.  Your comments please.

(2) Please discuss the incident that happened last week when 2 Bretslav Hasidim made a wrong turn and ended up in Ramallah. What a miracle they survived and were not lynched.

Hrvatski Noahid:
It is permitted to learn about idolatrous practices in order to carefully avoid them according to the Divine Code by Rabbi Weiner, Second Edition, page 147.

Can you show some idolatrous verses in the New Testament?

Well it looks like I will probably never visit, let alone make aliyah in Israel, all foreigners have been banned from visiting Israel because of the plandemic. And I suppose that makes you very happy.


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