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We have removed the 300 character limit on forum posts. We will instead impose a limit of two short questions for every person on Ask JTF. If someone asks more than two short questions, we will not be able to answer.
We must help the Hilltop Youth heroes!

Their fight is our fight.

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שלום חיים היקר מה שלומך? שמעתי את הדברים שלך לגבי נוער הגבעות אני מסכים איתך מליון אחוז יש לחבר שלי בן ציון גגולה עמותה אפשר דרך זה לעשות גיוס המונים למען נוער הגבעות שאהיה לזה תקציב  ביום חמישי הקרוב 13 בינואר בשעה 20:00 בערב בשעון ישראל יש מפגש זום עם חבר הכנסת שמחה רוטמן ולוחם הלח''י עזרא יכין אני אישית אשמח תיהיה תיהיה שותף תוכל לדבר איתם לגבי המאבק למען נוער הגבעות לגבי חיים אזולאי אתה צודק הוא יהודי טוב בשביל זה צריכים לעשות איתו שיחה בוואטספ או בזום בשביל לקרב אותו יותר ליהדות אני אומר לך הוא יקשיב יותר אליך אשר מרבנים חרדים כי הוא מעריך אותך מאוד אני מקווה שראיון עם גוני וכגם עם ניר וינברג יצא לפועל  האם זה אפשרי לקשר אותך לחבר שלי מאריזונה שמואל שדה הוא יכול לסדר לך חשיפה תקשורתית  בקרב יהודים וגוים בהחלט אני אכן בעד תעשה שאלו את הימין האמיתי בעברית אם כן אני יביא הרבה אנשים לשואל אותך שאלות  אתה אחלה גבר  באהבת ישראל רם מאיר אברהם
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Dear Chaim, which is the worst majority black city?
Birmingham, Alabama.
Memphis, Tennessee.
Baltimore, Maryland.
Detroit, Michigan.
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1. I found out from Wikipedia what Mankiller means. The surname "Mankiller", Asgaya-dihi (Cherokee syllabary: ᎠᏍᎦᏯᏗᎯ) in the Cherokee language, refers to a traditional Cherokee military rank, similar to a captain or major, or a shaman with the ability to avenge wrongs through spiritual methods.

Can you discuss Wilma Maniller other than her name? She seems to be some type of San Francisco liberal activist that JTF would oppose, specifically related to a Red Power group that occupied Alcatraz Island.

2. Discuss the following Martin Luthers.

The original Martin Luther from Germany.

Martin Luther King Sr.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King III

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Are there any Israeli Prime Ministers you actually liked?

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 :usa+israel:                                                                                                                       :fist:

 Shalom Chaim,

 1) Please discuss the (Bible)-Torah code and what
     do you think about the book(s) written called
     ‘The Bible Code’ if you are familiar with them
      and the sequels to this book?

 2) Because you do the inflection to perfection
     and the vernacular is spectacular, could you
     please do your legendary version of the
     Indian accent? Thanks and G-d bless you.

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Dear Chaim:


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Shalom! Ok, this time I'll be exercising my English with you all (Haim, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!). So, if Israel is an apartheid state, racist, fascist, oppressive and xenophobic as the loony left claim we are, why do they want us to open our borders to even more Arabs, Africans and basically everyone?
Does it make any sense to you? Let all into such a horrible place? What for, to make them miserable? I mean, aren't we evil, oppressors, the worst of the worst? And hey, don't they say that the Jewish majority is already in danger, that's why we must embrace the "two-state solution"? if it's in danger and they're so worried about it they want more non-Jews in here?!
Thank you!

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1. Can you list the six sexual acts that are forbidden to Gentiles as capital sins?

2. Can you show the sources of the prohibitions in the written Torah?
Gentiles are obligated to fulfill the Seven Noahide Commandments because they are the eternal command of God, transmitted through Moses our teacher in the Torah. The main and best book on details of Noahide observance is "The Divine Code" by Rabbi Moshe Weiner.


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Shalom Aleichem Chaim
what would you say be the easiest way to fix intermarriage outside of Israel
The "Palestinians" are another pandemic, Am Yisroel Chai!

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Dear Chaim,

In the last video, I was referring to the haredi Rabbi Gershon Edelstein of the Degel HaTorah faction.  However, I understand there is also a non-haredi Rabbi Tau making crazy statements as well. 

I am wondering about this Rabbi Tau.  Is he pro-Kahanist?   I read on wikipedia that he opposed soldiers refusing orders to expel Jews. Sounds like part of the establishment.  How many rabbis are there truly on the side of the hilltop youth and real kahanists?

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Dear Chaim,
  When you read the Bible there are all these great wonderful leaders that protected Israel like Moses and David. At what point did these leaders end and why ?  I would say that the Macabees was the last time ( except for modern Israel 6 day war etc) when Israel was successful against her enemies. What is your opinion why the Romans were so successful against Israel and for such a long time? From what I recall I believe you said it was a punishment from God? But a punishment for what specifically? And why would God allow the Romans to control Israel for almost a thousand years ( if you include the Byzantine or Eastern Romans) ?
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Shalom, Chaim!  Do you have any good affairmitive action stories?  I could use a good laugh.  Thanks.

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I am sad to hear that you are not allowed to do aliya, Chaim. Who specifically in the knesset is blocking this? and what specifically has to be done to enable you to be able to come to Israel?

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Dear Chaim,

1) what would you call the flintstones if they were black? Do you remember the answer?

2) do you believe this flintstones parable should be taught in schools? Critical Affirmative Action Theory?

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What is your comment on the tragic fire in the Bronx?
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Shalom Chaim ha Tzadik,

Why, in your opinion, were there so many cases of food poisoning at Jerusalem II?
What are your thoughts on Mormonism? Certainly some of their doctrinal beliefs (G-d living on a planet called "Kolub" / Jews sailed to America in 600 BCE) are strange. But in my experience, these people are conservative and teach family values, modesty, virtue, they abstain from malfeasant behavior, and they love their children.
A final question - for the past 7 years I have been davening at a Chabad shul and I have grown to feel very close to Chabad and, through watching videos and reading about him, the Rebbe (ZT'L). What was the relationship like between haRav Kahane (H'YD) and the Rebbe? In general, what has been your experience in interacting with "Chabadnikim"?


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Where does all the money go?
In NY we have – Federal Tax, State Tax, City Tax!
Have you driven the roads of NY City, I-95? – Roads in disrepair for years! Decades. On the Kew Garden interchange DOT works 40 years! and they are not finished! Most of the time workers do nothing!
Speed cameras all over the city! To rob any and all drivers.
Where does all the money go – to the Kushais & Kushaits, Teachers unions, corrupt politician salaries and benefits?
Is NYC (like entire USA Corrupt)?  How? Can you give examples, how did we get hear?
Any remedy you suggest?