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We have removed the 300 character limit on forum posts. We will instead impose a limit of two short questions for every person on Ask JTF. If someone asks more than two short questions, we will not be able to answer.

For the sake of the proper order of the show and so that all of our viewers could understand, please ask your questions in English.

(this is the second rule, I'll just translate it to Hebrew):

לישראלים: למען הסדר הטוב של התכנית, ועל מנת שכל הצופים יבינו, אנא כתבו את השאלות שלכם באנגלית
We must help the Hilltop Youth heroes!

Their fight is our fight.

How you can help and participate in the sacred cause:,94604.0.html

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1. Obviously I know Elijah Mohammad and the Mother Ship are completely different from the Bible. I meant "Does the Nation of Islam's theology associate Elijah Mohammad with Eliyahu HaNavi?". Eliyahu travels to every Jewish home on Pesach while Elijah Mohammad is said to be on a spaceship. Does the Nation of Islam associate Elijah Mohammad with Eliyahu NaNavi?

2. Discuss the following blacks.

Ketanji Brown Jackson

Aubrey Robinson

OJ Simpson

Mumia Abu-Jamal

Trayvon Martin

George Floyd

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Dear Chaim, why does Japan appear to much cleaner than the US? Look at filthy cities like Baltimore, New Orleans, Houston, or Detroit for example.
Dan - Stay calm and be brave in order to judge correctly and make the right decision

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As a Croat, I have tremendous pity and sympathy for my Ukrainian Slavic brothers. As a Noahide, I am obligated to save another person from bodily or life-threatening damage. Although you hate Ukrainians, do you admit they are engaged in a valid war of self-defense?
Gentiles are obligated to fulfill the Seven Noahide Commandments because they are the eternal command of God, transmitted through Moses our teacher in the Torah. The main and best book on details of Noahide observance is "The Divine Code" by Rabbi Moshe Weiner.

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 :usa+israel:                                                                                                                         :fist:

 Shalom Chaim,

 1) Are the magnificent Hilltop Youth a
     continuation of Dor ha-hemshekh?
     Your take on the despicable ‘book’
     The Protocols of the Learned Elders
     of Zion.

  2) Please discuss these individuals;
      Adir Zik, John Jay (Blackjack)
      Pershing and Emma Lazarus,
      thank you.

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שלום חיים היקר מה שלומך? אני בעד  ב31 במרץ לעשות מפגש במשובה הגרמנית בחיפה אצל בן ציון גגולה בבית חב''ד שלו האם זה אפשרי שרון מפורום אהיה כנציג שלך ?
הוא מוזמן בשמחה לחיפה והאגב חברת הכנסת המקסימה מיכל וולדיגר מהציונות הדתית ועוזרת המקסימה שלה יפית שלחו לך הודעה במייל וגם מכתב לשרת הפנים איילת שקד האם זה אפשרי שהן יהיו איתך בקשר לגבי סירוב העלייה שלך ? שתי שאלות 1 מה דעתך על המזרחן ד''ר מרדכי קידר אם היית מוכן לנהל איתו שיחה ? 2מה דעתך על רחבעם זאבי גנדי הי''ד ?אם הוא היה ימין אמיתי באהבת ישראל רם מאיר אברהם  ?
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Shalom, Chaim!  What do you think of Biden's State Of The Union address?  Also, can you curse Chuck The Schumck Shumer?  He is the worst senator in NY state history.  Thanks

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Chaim, my Ukrainian bank manager gloated that she hailed from the town of "Chmielnitzki" in the past, and said so to me with a large grin on her face.  Should I switch banks eventhough the fees will be higher elsewhere?


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Is Chassidism Judaism? 

Thank you,
Kalman Ben Menachem

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Do you think that this war between Russia & Ukraine is a blessing in disguise because the whole world is now focused on the Russians & are for the moment not bothering us here in Israel about the Arabs that call themselves "Palestinians"?

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Dear Chaim,

Why isn't the world screaming for Ukraine to give up land for peace to Russia?  Shouldn't they be pressured to stop the violence, come to some deal and hand over Lutansk etc for the sake of peace with Putin and to prevent WW3 or nuclear war?

If Ukraine votes for Fakestinians in the UN, then Israel should be demanding the same from them.   

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Comment on the following   Jeff Bezos   Elon Musk   Bill Gates  Warren Buffett

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Shalom Chaim  :fist:

on the forum why was the hidden user feature created
The "Palestinians" are another pandemic, Am Yisroel Chai!

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  • !עם ישראל חי
What is your opinion of Sigmund Freud?