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We have removed the 300 character limit on forum posts. We will instead impose a limit of two short questions for every person on Ask JTF. If someone asks more than two short questions, we will not be able to answer.

For the sake of the proper order of the show and so that all of our viewers could understand, please ask your questions in English.

(this is the second rule, I'll just translate it to Hebrew):

לישראלים: למען הסדר הטוב של התכנית, ועל מנת שכל הצופים יבינו, אנא כתבו את השאלות שלכם באנגלית
We must help the Hilltop Youth heroes!

Their fight is our fight.

How you can help and participate in the sacred cause:,94604.0.html

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שלום חיים היקר מה שלומך ? רציתי להגיד לך שעוד שבוע  06/04/2022  אהיה מפגש של תנועת אחדות ישראלית אצלי בבית ברחוב אורי צבי גרינברג 20  חיפה  אשמח מאוד שרון מפורום יבואו כנציג שלך למפגש שלי יהיו בן ציון גגולה אודי ורטמן יוסף רבין שחר דוד איתי גרנק דבי סגל אמיר וייזר ועוד אנשים טובים אני מעניין שרון יכול לתרום למפגש מה דעתך  10 לחודש לעשות מפגש זום שאנחנו נדבר אני יביא אנשים ?
   שתי שאלות  מה דעתך על רעיון לדבר עם הגיבור יהונתן פולארד הי''ו לגבי שיתוף פעולה למען נוער הגבעות ?מה דעתך להתאריין בערוץ 14 לגבי נוער הגבעות והסירוב העלייה שלך? האם שמעת  על פיגוע הרצחני שקרה בחדרה ואורן אמסלם היהדון מהבית הכנסת שלי מגנה את  איתמר בן גביר שצעק על עמר בר לב הרשע והבוגד זה מאחד מבית הכנסת שלי שמגנה את איתמר בן גביר בן גביר היה יכול להתראיין לתקשורת ולהגיד את כל מה שהוא חושב על בר לב. להכנס לפרצוף שלו מסנטימטר ולצעוק עליו לעיניי המצלמות זה לא מתקבל על הדעת. לא מבין איך המאבטחים של השר לא הדפאותו.בושה וחרפה איך שהוא מדבר אני מגנה את אורן אמסלם הרשע ימח שמו וזכרו והקדוש ברוך יברך אותך חיים היקר באהבת ישראל רם מאיר אברהם
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Can you give an example showing that Moses explained the Torah's seven commandments for the Gentiles, and that the details they previously did not know were commanded to them by God with their explanations through Moses? 
Gentiles are obligated to fulfill the Seven Noahide Commandments because they are the eternal command of God, transmitted through Moses our teacher in the Torah. The main and best book on details of Noahide observance is "The Divine Code" by Rabbi Moshe Weiner.


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Dear Chaim, which is worse for your health, smoking or vaping?
Dan - Stay calm and be brave in order to judge correctly and make the right decision

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Shalom, Chaim!  This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Munich Olympic terrorist attack on the Iserali Olympic team.  What are your memories of this tragic incident?  Have you ever seen that documentary called One Day in September?  It's very good detailing the attack.  Thanks.

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Last week I asked why do they have to pick blacks with affirmative action names to be the first black to hold a specific position, not why do blacks have those names. Jesse Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Michael Jackson are affirmative action blacks with real English names as opposed to Ketanji Brown Jackson who is both affirmative action and has an affirmative action name.

1. Did you know about Casar Chavez Day (March 31) before reading this?

It's not an actual federal holiday but a "U.S. federal commemorative holiday" proclaimed by BHO in 2014. Google claims: "The holiday celebrates the birth and legacy of the civil rights and labor movement activist Cesar Chavez on March 31 every year.". Google has been criticized in the past for using a Chavez doodle on March 31 while ignoring Passover and Easter.

Discuss Cesar Chavez.

2. Did you know before that March 8 is International Women's Day before I posted about it for last week's show?

Why do so many white women make themselves look black? Even some blacks don't like it and call it "black fishing" since the white women can remove the black appearance but real blacks can never stop being black.

Ariana Grande had plastic surgery which makes her look like she has the face of a little kid in the body of a woman. She also uses spray tan to make her look black. She also uses sexually explicit and filthy lryics in her songs which although not as bad as rap, is not really real music but airhead sounding music.

I actually thought she was black or Mestiza from seeing her picture and name so I thought she was just another female black noise musician before ever hearing her music. I found out she was white after the Muslim Nazi terrorist attack at her concert in Manchester, England.

Kim Kardashian is another example. The Kardashians also prefer black men.

Below are the before and after pictures of Grande.

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Shalom Chaim, With the exception our opinion of the covid pandemic, we both agree on virtually most everything else.  It is because of you and that I have become closer to my Jewish religion and heritage, which I once again thank you.

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Dear Chaim:

Hope all is well. 

(1)  I was glad to hear that the pickle nose kike known as Madeline Albright Y"S"V croaked.  What a self-hating Jew and she is responsible for the death of thousands of Jews in Israel.  Please discuss.

(2)  What are your thoughts on the fight between Will Smith and Chris Rock?  Is this an example of you can take the Shvarzta out of the housing project but you can't take the housing project out of the Shvartza?

Alll the best
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Hi Chaim,
  The subject of you not able to get a book published came up last week. You should be able to get your book published for free on amazon kdp site. If you need further info I will help you ...please lmk. 
 Please tell us your story of when you met Barbara Streisand at a JDL protest in NYC.
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Shalom Chaim

1. We be kings and queens and scotuses….mmmhmmm. Your predictions of these nightmare scenarios are coming true.

2.  Your thoughts about rabbi Kanievsky זצייל. Did he have Any interactions with rabbi kahane זצייל?
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If someone says something bad about you, say something nice about them. That way, both of you would be lying.

In your heart you know WE are right and in your guts you know THEY are nuts!

"Science without religion is lame; Religion without science is blind."  - Albert Einstein

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Shalom Chaim,
1.) Can you name countries that you don't consider to be nazi?
2.) Can you explain the difference between nazis who killed jews in Europe, and Ben Gurion, and Rabin, who killed jews in Israel?

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 :usa+israel:                                                                                                                        :fist:

 Shalom Chaim,

1) Please discuss the following
    individuals; Alexander the Great
    and Cyrus the Great and how they
    impacted the Jewish people.

2) Do you believe that the United
    States will eventually reverse the
    current idiotic and suicidal energy
    policy of this pathetic administration
    and return to ‘energy independence’
    before the end of 2022? If not, you think
    Republicans will reverse it assuming they
    win and take back the Presidency in 2024?
    Thank you.

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Shalom Chaim,

1. Someimes you say "יימח שמו וזכרו" or "שם רשעים יירקב" or both of them. whats the diffrences?

2.Are you vegan and what do you think about this way of veganism as in Rabbi Kook's vision?


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Shalom Chaim

1. We be kings and queens and scotuses….mmmhmmm. Your predictions of these nightmare scenarios are coming true.

2.  Your thoughts on rabbi Kanievsky זצייל
If someone says something bad about you, say something nice about them. That way, both of you would be lying.

In your heart you know WE are right and in your guts you know THEY are nuts!

"Science without religion is lame; Religion without science is blind."  - Albert Einstein

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Who would president Chaim pick for the Supreme Court?

When you are at home relaxing and you hear 'thump-thump-thump-thump' from some crack head in a tinted vehicle, what would be your reaction?

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Do you think that Neshama Carlebach is mocking her father's memory by not only performing in churches & other venues that no G-d fearing Jew should even set foot into but also that she married a "conservative rabbi" (sic) Menachem Creditor who performs same sex chupot?

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1. You already know my first question :) Please answer it

2. The fact that we exist as a genetic expression of our ancestors in the space time continuum is an ultra massive success in this universe. Biological life as compared to the sum spectrum of the universe’s measurements is in the googleplex level sub-point calculation. So the fact that we exist as a sentient being in the space time continuum makes us a super-creature in the entire vortex of this dimension. Should we take iodine pills in case nuclear war in Ukraine? What would you call the Flintstones if they were black?

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שלום חיים הנכבד והיקר,
מה שלומך?

רציתי בבקשה לשאול מה לדעתך ניתן לעשות כדי לעצור את כל הפיגועים הרצחניים והמזעזעים כל כך האלה ברחבי מדינת ישראל?

והאם לדעתך לממשלה הנוכחית יש קשר לכל הדברים האלה כאשר מערכת הביטחון פשוט מזעזעת או שזה יותר קורה בעקבות תקופת הרמדאן ללא קשר לממשלה כזו או אחרת?

עוד שאלה שקשורה בעניין הזה - האם לדעתך יש צורך לעלות להר הבית בתקופה רגישה זו של השתוללות היצרים בתקופה נפיצה זו של הרמדאן או שאתה אישית היית אומר
 ליהודים שבחודש הקרוב עדיף שלא לעלות להר הבית כדי לא לגרום לפרובוקציות ולהלהטת היצרים בהר?

תודה רבה ושיהיה המשך שבוע רגוע ובטוח לכולם - אמן!

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Dear Chaim.
I know your opinion and belief that all Jews (religious and non religious) should live in Israel - I agree with you 1000%. The fact that I live here (in NYC) so long is a question I ask myself a lot - I do not have a good answer to myself.
My questions below:
What is the future of the religious communities in a variety of places in the USA (Queens, Brooklyn, 5 towns, Munsey, Lakewood NJ etc.) can you give your opinion about where you see these communities 50 and 100 years from now? Can you extrapolate to all the US and all religious communities in the world? can you speak about the same in Israel 50 and 100 years from now.