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We have removed the 300 character limit on forum posts. We will instead impose a limit of two short questions for every person on Ask JTF. If someone asks more than two short questions, we will not be able to answer.

For the sake of the proper order of the show and so that all of our viewers could understand, please ask your questions in English.

(this is the second rule, I'll just translate it to Hebrew):

לישראלים: למען הסדר הטוב של התכנית, ועל מנת שכל הצופים יבינו, אנא כתבו את השאלות שלכם באנגלית
We must help the Hilltop Youth heroes!

Their fight is our fight.

How you can help and participate in the sacred cause:,94604.0.html

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שלום חיים הצדיק מה שלומך ? מה דעתך שעוד שבוע ב20 ליולי נעשה מפגש זום נוסף יום רביעי בשעה 8:30 בערב היה אחלה  אני רוצה שנעשה על נוער הגבעות למען הזהות היהודית של המדינה? מה דעתך שאני אקשר אותך לדב הלברטל הוא כבר לא שמאלני הוא ישמח לבקר במאחז ברמת מגרון וגם דלית סוטר מפורום קפה שפירא רוצה לראיין אותך על נוער הגבעות והסירוב העלייה שלך שהקדוש ברוך יברך אותך באהבת ישראל רם מאיר אברהם
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The Oral Torah teaches in Tractates Pesachim 54a and Nedarim 39b that God created seven things before He created the world. Can you name them?
Gentiles are obligated to fulfill the Seven Noahide Commandments because they are the eternal command of God, transmitted through Moses our teacher in the Torah. The main and best book on details of Noahide observance is "The Divine Code" by Rabbi Moshe Weiner.


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I hope you are well.  What do you know about the books:

The Path of the Righteous by Moshe Haim Luzzato and

The Voice of Elijah, a Commentary on Proverbs by the Vilna Gaon

Thank you,
Kalman Ben Menachem

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1. You didn't answer the question I asked. I asked "Why does everyone think pride only means gay pride?". People say pride month rather than gay pride month. The media and everything says it. Even when you go to the Wells Fargo ATM it says "30 years of pride". It alternates in June between faggotry and Juneteenth.

Why would a non-homosexual call it pride without saying gay before it? Do fags own the word pride?

2. Discuss the following people individually.

Jerome Powell (Current Fed Chair)

Alan Greenspan

Ben Bernanke

Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen

Vice-President Dan Quayle

Vice-President Dick Cheney

Liz Cheney

Can you elaborate on Bob Dole being an Anti-Semite?

Is Jua as in Ras Jua Baraka a black Muslim name mocking Jews?

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Dear Chaim, why does the South often get portrayed as "uneducated."?
Dan - Stay calm and be brave in order to judge correctly and make the right decision

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Shalom, Chaim!  We just passed the 75th anniversary of the infamous Roswell, UFO crash.  Do you believe that what crashed in Roswell, New Mexico was a UFO and do you believe that the U.S. government has covered it up?  Thanks

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שלום חיים,
1.מה דעתך על האיחוד בין גנץ לסער, כמה מנדטים הוא יביא לדעתך?

2. מה דעתך על אחיו של יגאל עמיר חגי אמיר שהפך לשמאלני קיצוני שרוצה מדינה דו לאומית.


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Shalom Chaim

What are your thoughts on our current system of fractional reserve banking as opposed to full reserve banking?

What is your familiarity with and opinion on the Austrian school of economics?