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ASK JTF #56 - Here is the thread where you can ask questions for our next video

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Shalom Chaim. What do you think about recent finds of bones in wells that corroborates with historical accounts of jews being targeted during the Black Death in Germany, France and Spain and being similar to modern jews genetically? Is the crime in New York increasing?

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Binyamin Yisrael:
1. Last week you told the affirmative action story about a schvartza listening to rap noise on an airplane. What airline was it? Where were you flying to?

Can you share the first affirmative action story you ever experienced? How old were you?

2. You said you support abortion for blacks. How do you justify that Halachically? Do black babies have the status of rodefim?

Hope you had a great holiday . Was this the last film of rabbi Kahane? fast forward to 1:39 where the rabbi goes down to push a rowdy arab to teach him a lesson :


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