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If you have Israeli friends or relatives, show them this video

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Chaim Ben Pesach:

This is the interview that we did on Alex Newman's television program but with Hebrew subtitles so that Israeli Jews can see how Gentile Christians respect and admire the heroic Hilltop Youth.

Please publicize this everywhere possible:

Hrvatski Noahid:
Chaim, I shared your video with Rabbi Schulman. He said "I wish for them amazing success, beyond their expectations."

 :usa+israel:                                                                                                                         :fist:

  One of the most powerful segments ever,
  to the point and shows again that no one
  else says these most vital things that need
  to be said, heard and taken seriously!
  Thanks and G-d bless Chaim Ben Pesach
  and Alex Newman.

Chaim is right on the money.   Everyone forward this video to people on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Chaim do a video on this.
The Israeli government was letting Gazan's work in Israel, yet Chaim is not allowed in Israel.
Why the hell is Israel letting would be Palestinian terrorists in Israel.
Shin Bet foils Palestinian Islamic Jihad plot to blow up bus.
An indictment has been filed against a Gazan man who had a permit to work in Israel, and had been recruited by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group to carry out a bombing attack in Israel.


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