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Dr. Uri Milstein interviews Chaim Ben Pesach on Itamar Ben Gvir (video)


Chaim Ben Pesach:

A Hebrew video with English subtitles.

Please promote this important video everywhere possible.




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  Kol hakavod to you and Dr. Millstein
  on this absolutely superb segment
  that was extremely well done and
  should have a powerful impact on
  all Israeli Jews who will Be ezrat HaShem
  wake up and give all their support to the
  noblest of causes, the Hilltop Youth both
  monetarily and through prayer as well.

Hrvatski Noahid:
Why am I the only one pointing out that there is no Torah law mechanism to justify a Gentile war of aggressive conquest, and that other Gentiles are commanded to do something about it? These are simple, uncontroversial facts.


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