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THE TRANSFER PROPOSAL  (Debate in the Knesset)
The debate over Deputy Defense Minister Michael Dekel’s proposal for a “voluntary transfer” of Arabs was a stormy one, with angry leftists warning of the growth of Kahanism and with Knesset Member Meir Kahane attacked and defamed by a number of speakers.  Now, it was Kahane’s turn to address the Knesset and the Kach leader, quoting extensively from the Bible and Commentators concerning the need for involuntary transfer, attacked Shimon Peres for calling people who advocated transfer, “those people with perverted minds.” “Kahane had just finished saying, “what a clearer understanding (the Torah has) versus the perverted mind of Shimon Peres and the fear of Michael Dekel, who did not have the courage to adopt the halacha” when he was interrupted by Labor Vice Minister Dekel .

Speaker of the Knesset, Aharon Nahmias, who said:Speaker: You are already beginning to insult,

Knesset member Kahane.M. Kahane (Kach): I beg your pardon”

Speaker: You are insulting.

Kahane: Insulting

Speaker: Yes.Kahane: I sat here and Knesset Member Vilner called me a fascist… 

Speaker: And you said that you were not as extreme as he. He called you a “gang” and you said you were more moderate.  And now you are defaming
Kahane: Now I will be precisely as Knesset Member Vilner.

Speaker: Perhaps you will cease speaking about Hellenists and “perverted minds.” Hellenists!

Kahane: Yes, Hellenists.  I see that bothers you.What “transfer”? The Bible speaks of “v’horashtem, v’girashtem, u’viartem.”  You will drive them out, uproot them.  These are the concepts of clear minds. “And if you shall not drive them out they shall be as thorns in your eyes.” (Numbers 33:55). Yes, Mr. Peres, of the perverted mind, if we do not drive them out, they will be “as thistles in your sides,” the murderers of the soldiers Moshe Tamam and Akiva Shaltiel …

Speaker: Knesset Member Kahane,if you wish to continue to speak today you must retract the defamations.

Kahane: What defamations?

Speaker: I ask you.

Kahane: I am not a second-class Knesset member.

Speaker: Knesset Member Kahane. 

Kahane: I repeat, sir, that I am not a second-class Knesset member

.Speaker: Knesset Member Kahane,you will not insult. Enough!.

Kahane: Sir, I do not defame.  I say exactly what I say ,exactly what Knesset Members Peled and Vilner said.

Speaker: Say what you wish but do not insult.Kahane:

Sir, he rises here and calls Kahane a fascist while you are silent…

Speaker: He did not say you are a fascist.

Kahane: But he did.

Speaker: He did not say to you that you are a fascist.

Kahane: I tell you that he did say that

Speaker: He did not say it to you.  Now he did not say it.  It is possible that he said it another time, when I did not know about it.

Kahane: What is this, agame?  I repeat that I am not a second-class Knesset member, I am exactly as all the rest.

Speaker: You have the rights of all of them but not the right to defame.

Kahane: I will say what I have to say.  The murderers of soldiers Moshe Tamam and Akiva Shaltiel  and Esther Ohana and David Bukra and tens of others, may the L-rd avenge their blood,murdered them because they were not “transferred” or expelled or uprooted.The responsibility lies on Peres and his band, his gang that calls my group a gang.

Speaker: They called you a gang?

Kahane: Yes, that too.  Of course, the idea of Vice Minister Dekel for a voluntary transfer is an absurd, a wild dream.  Of course the Arab states will not agree to voluntarily accept them.  But, of course,we must work for an involuntary transfer. What Arabs agreed in 1948 to leave?  We threw them out, more power to us.  In those days there were no perverted minds like Shimon Peres.  And how the great Rabbi understood the reality, as opposed to the Knesset dwarfs.  What did Rashi (Numbers 33:55)say? “And you shall clear the land of its inhabitants and then you will dwell in it.  Then you will be able to exist in it.  And if not – you will be unable to exist in it.”  And the Or HaChaim(ibid.,55) wrote: “Not only will they hold on to the part of the land that you did not inherit, but they will persecute you over that portion which you did inherit saying:  ‘Rise up and leave it.’”A perverted mind?  Indeed, there exists such a mind and it is rooted in the head of Shimon Peres and the left-Hellenist camp that is incapable of understanding the Arab mind.Members of the Knesset, in ten years we will stand before a Northern Ireland and Cyprus tragedy.  And in New York they will watch television each night, seeing Israeli soldiers shooting Arabs.  Is that what we want?  No!. There is a fundamental contradiction between Zionism and a Western democratic state.  Either there will be a Jewish state or one in which all people, Arabs too, have the right to become the majority.  You run from this, but you cannot run away.The Torah answer, the Zionist and logical answer to a Jewish state, is that every Arab that is not prepared to live here with only personal rights and not his political ones – no Knesset and no voting – must leave the country. You wish to call it “transfer,” let it be “transfer.”  The main thing is – do not ask them.

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