Author Topic: DeSantis to hurricane looters: "You loot, we shoot."  (Read 1027 times)

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DeSantis to hurricane looters: "You loot, we shoot."
« on: August 30, 2023, 05:31:21 PM »
You are allowed and encouraged to shoot looters in Florida.  This shows that DeSantis would have a much better response to nationwide BLM riots than Trump.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis laid down the law during a press conference on Wednesday when talking about reports that some people had tried to loot in the wake of a powerful hurricane that hit the state.

“I’ve told all of our personnel at the state level, you protect people’s property, and we are not going to tolerate any looting in the aftermath of a natural disaster,” he said. “I mean, it’s just ridiculous that you would try to do something like that on the heels of an almost Category 4 hurricane hitting this community.”

DeSantis warned potential looters that in Florida they have no idea what they are walking into if they try to break into someone’s home.

“People have a right to defend their property,” DeSantis said. “This part of Florida, you’ve got a lot of advocates and some proponents of the Second Amendment, and I’ve seen signs in different people’s yards in the past after these disasters.”

“I would say probably here: ‘You loot, we shoot,'” he said. “You never know what’s behind that door. If you go break into somebody’s house and you’re trying to loot, these are people that are going to be able to defend themselves and their families. So I would not do it. We’re going to hold you accountable from the law enforcement perspective at a minimum, and it could even be worse than that depending on what’s behind that door. So let’s all band together and lift people up and not take advantage of a difficult situation.”
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Re: DeSantis to hurricane looters: "You loot, we shoot."
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2023, 09:54:27 PM »
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  Of course DeSantis is right about this
  and you cannot ask for a better policy
  than he advocates on this issue. This is
  not a simplistic “reactionary” position or ‘slogan’
  for the problem of looting, it is totally normal
  and sane.