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Low IQ blacks are idolized in Hollywood, the media and corporate America (video)


Chaim Ben Pesach:

Another video from JTF's old television program.

Please publicize this everywhere possible. On YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the video will probably be taken down. But Telegram doesn't censor. There may be other sites that also don't censor.

Hrvatski Noahid:
Publicized on Telegram.

Dan Ben Noah:
Atheism, the official religion of the Democrat party, promotes immorality, mediocrity, and evil culture in general.  That is why blacks are the chosen people of atheism, and that is why blacks are promoted in all the institutions that leftists control.  Arabs are "black adjacent" because they also belong to an evil culture, so that's why leftists support Arab terrorism against Jews.

 :usa+israel:                                                                                                                         :fist:

  Low IQ, I guess meaning the
  “elite” among them. What idiocy!
  To hell with Hollywood.

Give to the United Negro  College Fund because a mind is a terrible thing to waste & you can not get more wasted than a negro's mind!!! Umm Hmm!!! Ooga Booga!! :::D :::D :::D :::D :::D


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