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Title: Spelling problems
Post by: Zenith on August 22, 2010, 02:54:30 PM

I'm trying to learn the biblical hebrew language, but I'm having difficulties in spelling. I have some kind of ebook that I somehow got from the internet, but even though it says how to spell things, it's hard without hearing somebody.

if anybody can help me anyhow, it would be nice.

I'll say exactly what I need:

א -it is not spelled, right? just a bit of break in the word.

בּ (with daghes), is "b"
ב (Beth without daghes) is "v"

גּ (with daghes) - is "g"
ג (without daghes) - if I hear somewhere (e.g. youtube.com or on a site) it is better, but if without... is it a kind of gh/rh?

דּ (with daghes) - is "d"
ד (without daghes) is "th" as in "this", right?

ה - is "h", but not spelled at the end of the word

ו - that's a bit of confusion... how should I spell it, "w" as in "what" or "v" as in "victor"?

ז - is "z"

ח - a bit of help is what I need, I guess how it would be, but I have no confidence.

ט - what kind of "t" is this?

י - this should be "y"

כּ (with daghes) -  is "k"
כ (without daghes) - I understood to be harsher than Het, yet I'd need some help

ל - "L"

מ - "m"

נ - "n"

ס - what "s" is this?

ע - how should this be spelled?

פּ (with daghes) - is "p"
פ (without daghes) is "f"

צ - is it ts/tz?

ק - what q/k is this?

ר - is it "r"?

שׂ - what "s" is this?
שׁ - "sh" as in "show", right?

תּ - "t"?
ת - "th" as in "think"?

short vowels
I'll use Aleph as a consonant:

pathah - אַ - is it "a" as in "had"?
seghol - אֶ - is it "e" as "bed"?
hireq - אִ - is it "i" as "it"?
qibbuts - אֻ - is it "u" as in put?
qamets-Hatuph - אָ (short vowel) - is it "o" as in "top"?

long vowels

qamets - אָ - is it "a" as in "under"?
tsere - אֵ , אֵי - is it "ey" as it "they"?
long hireq - אִי - is it "i" as in "bean"?
sureq - וּ - is it "u" as in put?
holem - וֹ , אֹ - is it "ow" as in "owe"?

simple shewa

vocal: is it spelled "e" as in "bed", only quickly?
i.e. לְמשֶׁה is lemoshé (accent on last e)?
non-vocal - I guess it's voweless

composite shewa
אֲ - is it "a" as in "under" or "a" as in "an"?
the rest of composite shewas, I guess they are spelled as the corresponding vowels, right?