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 What they are doing is
 noble and we must all
 hope and pray for genuine
 and strong leadership for
 land of Israel!
General Discussion / Re: New meaning for LGBTQ
« Last post by Nachus on Today at 09:14:52 PM »
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 Now that's clever!
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 Of course, that's no surprise.

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General Discussion / Trish: Welcome Stagflation!
« Last post by Ulli on Today at 11:15:28 AM »
Of cause the facts are long time known, but I like the way she presents them. I always have to laugh. Fox has lost really an asset. :::D
This Afghan and Taliban problem will continue perpetually for some more time. Existence of Pakistan and new entry of expansionist China may not allow it a respite for some time to come.
General Discussion / Re: Will someone destroy islam already?
« Last post by syyuge on Today at 03:09:49 AM »
Israel has retaliated at Khan Yunis with Air Strike. This is a good indication.
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The endless printing of money
did not help this matter either.

Dr. Markus Krall has said, that the situation of the economy is similiar to the one of Germany after WW1 when the French occupied the Ruhr area and the Germans working there went to general strike. The German gouvernment at this time printed money in order to support them, like today with this Covid reliwve money. So there was lots of money there but not so much goods were produced to buy it. I have read from other sources, that because of the Covid relieve money lots of people stay at home. This was the starter of the inflation historically.

Dr. Ingo Sauer has written, that the trigger for hyperinflation was historically, that the Central Bank accepted too many bad securities for the money it gave out. If the level of bad assets in the balance sheet of the Central Bank reaches a certain level international speculation attacks the currency.

And Dr. Friedrich Israel has written, that we can not determine the start of inflation , because the beginning is mostly hidden. He showed it in lots of examples. So the content of packages is reduced while it looks the same from outside. Or the contents of processed foods are replaced partitially with cheap alternatives where you cant see it and such stuff. He wrote about the secret inflation.

It seems all a very complicated issue and if we have already officially 4,5 % it is in reality much worse. If the Dems continue like this it can end very very badly.
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