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  Exactly right and they are naively foolish to believe
  that Trump genuinely gives a camel’s tuches about
  them. Those that support them only want their
  allegiance and of course vote. At least DeSantis,
  on this front, is so far, not disingenuous.
DeSantis should fight as hard as he can against Trump.  He should expose what a lousy personality Trump has and a big ego.
General Discussion / Re: The Mexican President is terrified of Ron DeSantis
« Last post by Joe Gutfeld on May 29, 2023, 11:24:01 AM »
Because all the illegals will be sent back to Mexico if DeSantis wins.  Or if Trump wins as well.
The so-called, Don't Say Gay law is the reason that the gays aren't supporting DeSantis.  However, the bill doesn't say gay in it.
General Discussion / Re: Gov. DeSantis cracks down on voter fraud
« Last post by Joe Gutfeld on May 29, 2023, 11:21:21 AM »
DeSantis won by more than 20 points.  I'm surprised that the Dems aren't screaming voter fraud in that election.
Get the illegals out of here!
General Discussion / Re: JTF endorses Governor Ron DeSantis for President (video)
« Last post by Nachus on May 29, 2023, 01:25:45 AM »
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  The United States cannot withstand a
  potential second Biden term. Whatever
  people feel about the traits of certain
  Republican candidates, bottom line, better
  to have DeSantis as President than a RINO
  lefty or “complete” ‘establishment’ Republican
  or any Dem, that is for sure and up till now,
  the Governor, while maybe not ‘yet’ as conservative
  as the great Senator from Texas, he appears to
  have some conservative values and policies.
Since Gov. DeSantis has recently signed legislation banning children from drag performances and a requirement to use the bathroom of your biological sex, pervs and groomers are on the run in Florida.  Perhaps they'll have to run to Mar-a-Lago to use the bathroom of their choice (see video at the end for context).  And by the way, when discussing Sodomites, DON'T SAY "GAY."  Say plain old "faggot."

Florida Republican governor and 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis (R) recently signed a bill that bans children from attending events that include “sexually explicit content,” such as drag shows or drag brunches. So of course, a writer at Rolling Stone is mad at him for, and we quote, “having successfully sucked the pleasure out of many of life’s little joys.”

Why is having children around adult content something worth celebrating to Rolling Stone? We don’t dare ask but we thought the column was worth highlighting to show the utter insanity — and perversity — of the American Left.

“This is sad that you kind of have to do this,” DeSantis said after signing the “Protection of Children Act” in mid-May. “There’s these, like, drag shows. It’s sexually explicit, what they’re doing. And look, adult entertainers — people can do what they want with some of that. But to have minors there, I mean, you have situations where you’ll have an 8-year-old girl there, where you have these really explicit shows, and that is just inappropriate.”

In turn, DeSantis has been attacked by the far Left for assaulting the LGBTQ community or something. “Drag queens,” and other adults, seem confused about what they can do in front of children. Now, a “furry convention” hosted by Megaplex in Florida has banned children from attending so as not to defy the law, even accidentally.

A certain EJ Dickson of Rolling Stone magazine seems especially incensed that DeSantis is using his authority to guard the innocence of children and keep creepy adults away from them.

“Florida Gov. and GOP presidential nominee Ron DeSantis has successfully sucked the pleasure out of many of life’s little joys, from drag brunches to Disney adult TikTok,” Dickson wrote. “And thanks to the passage of SB 1438, or the Protection of Children Act, DeSantis may now be bringing the ax down on furries.”

What’s a furry? Well, as described by National Geographic, a furry, at its most basic level, is a person “who believes that they are part human part animal.”

As Dickson describes, though, some people who consider themselves “furries” do it purely for a sexual fantasy of sorts, replete with dressing up as various animals and engaging in vulgar behavior. So in other words, Dickson is mad that children aren’t allowed to be around a bunch of adults whose sexual fetish might be dressed as beasts and different creatures.

“While SB 1438 does not specifically target minors dressing as furries, it prohibits children from attending adult performances, which it defines as ‘a presentation that depicts or simulates nudity, sexual conduct, or specific sexual activities,'” Dickson noted before claiming, “And, like drag, there are pervasive misconceptions that this mode of expression is inherently sexual.”

However, the writer notes that while it is “true that there is a segment of furrydom that does treat it as a kink, it is not a representation of the wider community, and many furries do not view their interest in anthropomorphized creatures as sexual at all.”

Where that line of sexualization starts and stops is murky — apparently — so Megaplex decided to make the convention age-limited to those older than 18.

Rolling Stone spoke to one transgender furry named SemJay who owns a furry adult toy company. He agreed with Megaplex’s decision but said he would not be attending.

“I don’t want to end up in a confrontation, or worse, jail or dead, for just going to the bathroom in Florida,” he said in reference to another law signed by DeSantis which requires individuals to use the bathroom that correlates with their biological sex.

In reaction to Rolling Stone’s article, DeSantis staffer Christina Pushaw tweeted, “Don’t expose children to your fetish and we are good.”

Don’t expose children to your fetish and we are good

— Christina Pushaw 🐊 🇺🇸 (@ChristinaPushaw) May 28, 2023

It should be noted that as a good rule of thumb, common sense and basic morality would dictate that if there is any question about whether your behavior could be perceived as “sexually explicit” — then it surely is not appropriate for children to see. Apparently, Rolling Stone needs to learn that lesson — as does the furry community.


Here is a video of Trump welcoming Bruce Jenner to use the bathroom of his choice in Trump Tower, and Ted Cruz opposing men in women's restrooms:
Now according to the logic of the Trumptard cultists, we must now green light restrooms becoming red-light districts, because it's okay with Trump and Ted Cruz sounds more nasal.
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