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Title: America Already Lost the War (by Moshe Feiglin)
Post by: davkakach on November 16, 2006, 11:00:56 PM
America Already Lost the War

Immediately after 9/11, we published an article entitled "America Already Lost the War." The following paragraph, taken from the article could not be more pertinent today:

"America already lost the war. The Americans got stuck in the same mud in which Israel has been mired for years. Just as Israel suffers defeat after defeat, the Americans are also on a crash course... We will see a lot of take-offs and landings in the coming months, a lot of destroyers and aircraft carriers and millions of tons of TNT in the sands of Iraq and the caves of Afghanistan. They will kill thousands of innocents and after that they will lose, because they did not identify the enemy..."

America's defeat is fast approaching. President Bush insisted on fighting the Islamic enemy on imaginary Christian/democratic terms. Instead of delving into the roots of the culture that has declared war on his country and instead of fighting the enemy on the ethical, cultural and religious field on which it plays, Bush chose to fight the Iraqi nation state -- a state that is nothing more than a Western fiction born of World War 1. Bush even attempted to force democracy on the Moslems, as if it is possible to teach wolves to graze serenely on the pasture.

The white flag that the US has raised in the face of the Moslem offensive meshes with Europe's irreversible surrender to the Moslem conquest. The still-healthy forces in the West expected Israel to be a front line shield against Moslem expansion. But Israel's defeat at the hands of a smattering of Hizbollah fighters turned it from a senior strategic ally to a burden that will easily be sacrificed on the altar of improved relations with the Arab states.

America has no intention of halting Iran's nuclear mobilization, and neither do any other countries. Israel faces this critical existential threat alone. But its leaders are a miserable band of scoundrels and incompetents who busy themselves with political survival instead of dealing with the approaching catastrophe.

Can any Israeli leadership deal with the challenges facing our country? What if Netanyahu replaces Olmert? Does he identify our Moslem enemy any differently than Bush?


America may be able to allow itself to lose, but do we have that privilege?