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meanwhile Ukraine's ambassador to Germany is a Holocaust denier who praises Nazi war criminal Bandera and says that he didn't murder any Jews.

ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING, that Russia showers Khokholand with is too little compared to what they deserve
The cheeky entitled cockroaches from Europe's capital of antisemitism and organized crime bypassed Israel's government ruling on visas by whining to the Supreme Court and today they celebrated a jurisdictional victory over the little Jewish state.

The day Putin gets rid of this self hating Bandera-loving traitor Zelensky will be a day of celebration for the Jewish people. Down with Nazi Ukraine.
Save Europe / Special forces of Latvia
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Shalom, Chaim!  What do you think is the worst political scandal in the U.S.?

Bill Clinton sex scandal
Donald Trump Janurary 6
John Kennedy possibly killing Marilyn Monroe?

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