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Title: Ask JTF For April 15 Broadcast
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Dear Chaim,

First Point: You said there were points when your family had cats. Did you like your cats? The cat I had a picture of in the Ask JTF question about cats was a picture of a cat on display in the Appreciation For Creations section of the forum. I signed my name at the bottom because I do that on all my questions and it happened to be under the picture of the cat. I explained that the cat in the picture looks like my first cat that my parents got before I was born but you didn't read that far out loud. My first cat is my favorite cat ever because it was my first and my mom's current cat is my second favorite cat because it looks the same. I recall once that on one show, you did a cat's voice saying meow in one of your quotes when you mentioned something about cats still being cats and still saying meow no matter what people think they are. I like cats but I don't really like dogs.

Second Point: I also used to have goldfish. Mine lived about 6 years and my sister's lived even longer.
What is your opinion of having pet fish? Goldfish are kosher animals. Did you ever have a pet besides a cat?

Yacov Menashe Ben Rachamim,
Chief Administrator.

Title: Re: Ask JTF For April 15 Broadcast
Post by: Chaim, Jr. on March 21, 2007, 05:50:38 PM
1) Chaim:  I wanted to discuss the Bronfman family.  Although the grandfather, Sam, was an evil bootlegger who didn't do a thing to help fellow Jews during the holocaust, the father, Edgar never met a black Jew killer he didn't suck up to from Farrakhan to Dinkins and although Edgar, Jr. is an overgrown hippy married formerly to a schvatze and has two half-breed schvatze kids and bankrupted the whole family because he didn't have the rudimentary business skills needed, Edgar's brother, Charles paid for my son's trip to Israel last summer, a 2 week trip which would have cost at least 5,000 dollars wherein he met Shimon Peres personally.  I know they are evil but there is one good member of the family.  What are your thoughts about the Bronfmans.

2) I asked Zev Brenner off the air if he would be receptive to having you on his program and he said yes provided you called him personally to request it.  I asked Dov Hikind on the air if he would be willing and his answer was "I have to think about that" but he didn't give a definate no.  I believe that these are two possibilities for exposure for JTF.
Title: Re: Ask JTF For April 15 Broadcast
Post by: dawntreader on March 30, 2007, 02:07:29 PM

I would very much like to take issue with the way the English forum is being allowed to run. I don't know about the Hebrew forum since my Hebrew is not so good.

However, the issue of race is completely irrelevant in most instances to promoting Zionism in any regard. There are racist slurs after racist slurs by a great many posters. This will most definitely have the effect of turning potential Kahanist supporters away from the JTF.

The following quote is actually rather common on the English forum in one form or another, some expressed as eloquently and some much less so: "Negroes are a form of animal and it is against the will of G-d and nature to mate with such creatures. It is specifically forbidden in the Holy Bible. The Negro is still in the ape stage, actually a higher form of gorilla. They are retarded, 200,000 years behind the white race. They suffer from sickle-cell trait, a hereditary racial characteristic of negroes, and is found in no other race - Negroes have diseased blood". - Prof. Charles Carroll

I personally believe that it is man's behavior PERIOD, and not the color of one's skin that makes one evil or not. Chaim, you know as well as I that if a Jew or a White man were wounded...a black man's blood could save that Jew or White man's life provided the blood types are the same.

The issue of race has become the topic on the English Forum overwhelmingly and obsessively. I do not see how this supports or advances the Kahanist movement in any way shape or form. It certainly does not make me want to stick around.

I believe in the Torah. I believe in the Greater Land of Israel and I believe that, and that alone should be the focus of Kahanist policies and goals. I know for a fact that there are many right wingers, like myself who support what you are doing 100%, but who cannot abide the negative, racist almost nazi-istic viewpoints on people across the board that are expressed in such a nasty, vitriolic manner on the English JTF Forum.

I for one, would urge you to do something about it.

All my best,

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Post by: Manch on April 02, 2007, 01:29:56 AM
Hello Chaim,
yesterday I watched an interview with Joel Rosenberg a Jewish convert to Evangelical Christianity, author of "Epicenter: Why current rumblings in the middle east will change your future"

He was on a Glenn Beck program with Tim LaHaye, an evangelical Christian (author of "Left Behind"). Both of them advocate a strong support for Israel, called Iran regime evil, and so on. And while, I had a genuine fondness for mr. Lahaye, I could not but despise at Joel, finding his conversion to be repugnant.
For me personally, mr. Rosenberg, who claimed to grow up in an Orthodox Jewish family, is lower than an atheist Jew, worse than a left-wing, self-hating Jew, for he had taken time to learn about Judaism threw it away and chose Christianity  for other Jews are still consider themselves Jews but he is now an Evangelical Christian. He is no better to me than Jews for Jesus.
To me it is betrayal! To me, this is revolting!
What is your take on Jewish converts to Christianity? Do you agree with my feelings?

PS. Joel claimed to be an advisor to Benyamin Netaniahu, no surprises there!
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Post by: tony6d2 on April 06, 2007, 08:00:16 PM
Dear Chaim,

  1) You mentioned how Jews do not and cannot believe in magic. During your explanation of this I could not help but notice your reference to traditional non-abrahamic and pre-Christian beliefs of the Gentiles. You are right! There is no "real" magic! Just a bit of FYI, what the ancient Gentiles had stumbled upon was not Magic per say but actually science. Science such as chemistry, botany (knowledge of the effects of different herbs), knowledge of the effects of natural occuring phenomenon such as elements of fire, wind, water, earth, steel, wood, and sky (weather and astrological events that affect the earth and it's inhabitants, i.e., the gravitational effects of the moon and other phenomenon from the outer universe. Needless to say the still primitive by comparison and uneducated masses looked at these phenomenon as Magical when really they are Natural. Including the power of suggestion that many of the so called Wizards/Witches had. And of course unfortunately the Rulers and Elite of each of these societies took advantage of the knowledge they had and the fact that the masses were naive to enslave the people. And they also went as far as using Idols and false gods to represent each element and phenomenon, i.e. as you said, the power of Rivers such as the Nile. This was with the end of scaring and controlling the people which of course is evil. And of course the Torah is a blessing because it opened the peoples minds up to the fact that all these "Magical" phenomenon were actually the Powers of Nature controlled by the One and True G-d, the G-d of Israel, Hashem!! Thank G-d!! This is why the Jewish Sages are a light unto the Gentiles. And of course this is why the Jews were/are hated because the Elites of these Pagan societies did not want this truth to get to the people. That they were not special or magical but only had particular knowledge of science and were also subject to these natural laws created by the One G-d!

My point of all this is in the hope that you will understand that the Root Beliefs of ancient Pagan religions is not Satanism or Hocus Pocus Mysticism. This is what the evil Elites turned it into with thier intention to be decieving and cruel. But the root of these ancient beliefs is in the scientific knowledge and innovations of the Gentiles which is powerful. Also most of the ancient Gentiles who were Pagans really did believe that all these phenomenon were tied under one all powerful being that went by different names depending on where you were geographically. And incedently it was during the take over of Christianity in Europe that these beliefs were persecuted simultaneously with the Jews and these people killed just like the Jews were, plunging Europe into the Dark Ages where no scientific knowledge was allowed and condemned as Paganistic therefore Satanic. I do not wish to start a beef with the Christians on this forum since they support Israel, but the truth be told and much to my amusement the very fundamentalist Christians who say they support Israel also to this day are against alot of science and knowledge that goes against any notion that "Jesus" created the universe. Even though they're two biggest holidays, Dec 25th and Easter are really Pagan holidays that have been renamed and that truely symbolize Celestial Events.

   2) Is it Evil to be very cruel to an enemy who is Evil?? How far is going to far??

Respect to you Chaim!

-Tony 6D2!
Title: Re: Ask JTF For April 15 Broadcast
Post by: Trumpeldor on April 07, 2007, 09:49:45 PM
1. What is your opinion of Salman Rushdie?

2. I know you dislike AIPAC because you believe it is a New World Order organization and I agree that it wrong for pushing Congress to send money to Israel. We all know that Israel should be self-sufficient and should not be pressured to give up land.

On the other hand, AIPAC does many positive things. It is working hard to prevent U.S. aid to Hamas. It gets Congress to condemn and place sanctions on terrorist countries like Iran, Syria, and Libya. AIPAC also has made it illegal for multinational corporations to provide weapons technology to Iran. It gets resolutions passed when Israel is in a conflict. Lastly, it got Hizballah's TV Station designated as a terrorist entity.
Title: Re: Ask JTF For April 15 Broadcast
Post by: Lewinsky Stinks, Dr. Brennan Rocks on April 07, 2007, 10:03:10 PM
Blessings dear Chaim,

It is with a heavy heart that I must publicly disagree with you, in advocacy of another poster (YESHA). I do believe he's correct on eggs being a healthful food. Unless you have a rare genetic defect preventing your body from doing so, or you are poisoning your bloodstream with other unhealthy things, the human body breaks down dietary LDL (and in fact, cholesterol is needed by every single living thing on the planet). It is the presence of trans fats (synthetic oils similar to petroleum jelly) and refined carbohydrates in the bloodstream that completely skews cholesterol levels, not natural, unadulterated, Hashem-given foods for mankind. All of these "studies" damning butter, cholesterol, animal fats, etc. were funded by the soybean and shortening industries seeking to brainwash mainstream America into consuming their devil grease. The multinational food industry uses hydrogenated oils for cooking and demonizes natural, Hashem-given sources of energy and nourishment for the same reason the multinational corporations use illegals and outsourcing for labor--because it is CHEAPER. The entire medical establishment is bought off by "hydrodollars" in the same manner the entire media and government is bought off by petrodollars. Please check out the Campaign Against Trans Fats In Food (http://www.tfx.org.uk/); this British NGO is, quite arguably, the JTF of food health. It's very eye-opening and politically incorrect. A loving G-d would never provide mankind with poisonous foods and we do not need a microscope and laboratory to know what parts of natural foods are good and bad. If you want to criticize hormones, antibiotics, etc. in animal products that is something else--but I do believe Genesis when it states that all G-d made is good.

If you are skeptical, compare coronary disease rates in northern India (where basically 100% of dietary fat is from ghee) with that of contemporary America--or that of 1900 America (where vegetable oils, hydrogenated or not, were unheard of) with that of today.

G-d bless you and please know that I am not upset or telling you to change your diet,
Title: Re: Ask JTF For April 15 Broadcast
Post by: Dr. Dan on April 08, 2007, 03:43:07 AM
Shalom Chaim- Thank you for answering my questions last week and your compliments. I hope the next two will be thought provoking for you and everyone on this forum.

1. A few weeks ago you had mentioned that animals have no control over their instincts and went on to mention a story of how a dog had become so hungry that it ended up eating a little baby.  While I agree with you so far on other examples of keeping animals away from the same domain as humans (with the exception of dogs who aid the blind, deaf, mentally impaired, lonely or desolate), I find the above example you gave about the poor baby to be flawed.  Now, I agree with you that, in principle, humans have the ability to control themselves better than animals.  However, technically, the dog did nothing wrong in eating the baby because it was, after all, trying to stay alive. Let me tell you why:  What if, Gd forbid, one of us was starving to death and in order to stay alive we had to eat Fido? Certainly, we are doing the right thing eating the dog. So who are you to judge the dog for doing the same for its survival? Eek! How grim!

2. Here's an unlikely scenario, but nevertheless a serious question about our responsibilities as Jews:

Let's just say a terrible thing starts happening in which ALL righteous non-Jews are being targeted and being sent to concentration camps where they are being gassed like Jews had been during the Shoah.  What would you do if one of them knocked on your door to save his/her life even though your own life would be in danger if you were caught? Let's say it was an Arab or Muslim being targeted for these gas chambers, would you risk your life? Irregardless of religion or race, who are we supposed to give our lives to for the sake of humanity? Who individually gets to receive our compassion when one asks for it? If your answer is for everyone who is righteous, how can you tell if a total stranger is righteous on the spot?

I'll answer my questoin by simply saying, one should not judge the poor by feeling sorry for him or blaming him; nor should one judge the rich for being swift/smart or arrogant.

Thank you.
Title: Re: Ask JTF For April 15 Broadcast
Post by: Fruit of thy loins on April 08, 2007, 09:47:18 AM
Dear Chaim,

Some of the most beautiful women I have ever met were black haired.  I wish that I could have had them.  My grades might have slipped but my degree isn't worth anything anyway.  I'd rather have taken those beautiful women to bed with me and died off from a disease by now.  Don't you think it's better to live to 30 being happy than to 90 being unhappy?

I have some kind of mental illness or degeneracy which causes me to behave in ways that other people find repugnant.  I am far too lazy to seek 'help' and too suspicious of the British health 'service' to put my faith in it.  G-d will not redeem me because I have abominated before His sight.  What is the best way to commit suicide?
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Post by: jsullivan on April 08, 2007, 01:41:59 PM
Yacov Menashe asked me to post this.

First Point: Thank you for answering my question about Meir Weinstein. I was under the impression that all the "JDL" chapters other than Shelley Rubin's now call themselves Bnei Elim. So my question is what is "JDL Toronto"? Is it a branch of Bnei Elim, is it a branch of Shelley Rubin's personal club cult, or is it independent?

Weinstein also attacked Esther Pollard and said that "from what he knows from her activities in Toronto that she isn't really doing any good for her husband". I think that anyone that attacks Esther is against Jonathan as well including Jonathan's own family members who have attacked her.

Second Point: Also, please respond to this claim from the Wikipedia article on JDL. Perhaps you may have heard of Weinstein as Meir HaLevi. He now calls himself National Director of JDL in Canada. Did JDL have a National Chairman in Canada when you ran JDL in The United States? If so, who was it?

The JDL has branches in Eastern Europe, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Russia and the United Kingdom.

Meir Weinstein, also known as Meir Halevi, is the long-time leader of the JDL in Canada. The Canadian group resumed activities in 2006 after a long absence.[1] Since their reactivation they have counterdemonstrated against pro-PLO/Hamas Arab Muslim Nazi activists, picketed a conference on Israeli apartheid at the University of Toronto[2], protested the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation for considering support of a boycott of Israel.[12][13] and protested the construction of a mosque led by an alleged "Islamist"[3]

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Post by: Sarah on April 08, 2007, 02:11:45 PM
Shalom Chaim

I hope you are well and thank you for answering all my questions!

1.Somebody told me the other day that Starbucks was a zionist organisation that donates millions to Israel in show of support every year. There are also other companies and shops that support Israel economically but are they really beneficial and should we be wary about purchasing goods from companies that pose as "the enemy" or could be a threat to what is righteous?

2. How are you and how did you spend pesach? ;D

Theres been fantastic weather here in London, the past few days. It makes me wonder if global warming is really true, and maybe its a great thing for some.
Title: Re: Ask JTF For April 15 Broadcast
Post by: davkakach on April 08, 2007, 03:32:29 PM
Dear Chaim,

I have some kind of mental illness or degeneracy which causes me to behave in ways that other people find repugnant.  I am far too lazy to seek 'help' and too suspicious of the British health 'service' to put my faith in it.  G-d will not redeem me because I have abominated before His sight.  What is the best way to commit suicide?
G-d will redeem your soul, if you express complete remorse and return to Him.  But if you commit suicide, then you can be certain that there will be no redemption for your soul.
Title: Re: Ask JTF For April 15 Broadcast
Post by: leo on April 08, 2007, 09:36:12 PM
I have some comments regarding the issue of rape that was brought up last week. First of all the death penalty is only if the woman is married or engaged. In some cases the married or engaged women would also get the death penalty. If the married or engaged women was in PUBLIC and just let a man rape her according to the Torah she is also responsible becuase she did not cry out and both the man and woman get the death penalty.  Let me quote the passages in Deutoronomy.
    Deuteronomy 22: 23-27 If there be a virgin man who is betrothed to a man and a man finds her in the city and lies with her then you shall take them both to the gate of the city and pelt them with stones and they shall die. The girl because of the fact that she did not cry out in the city and the man because of the fact that he afflicted the wife of his fellow and you shall remove the evil from your midst.
   But if it is in the field that the man will find the betrothed girl and the man and the man will lie and sieze her and and lies with her only the man who shall lie with her shall die. But you shall do nothing to the girl for the girl has committed no capital sin for like a man who rises up against his fellow and murders him so is the thing. For he found her in the field the betrothed girl cried out but she had no savior.
   It seems the torah did not view women as defenseless in all area's as this movement  portrays them as while it is true that in most cases a man is bigger then a women in a case in public the torah does expect the women to cry out or do something to stop it.
Title: Re: Ask JTF For April 15 Broadcast
Post by: MasterWolf1 on April 09, 2007, 01:13:21 AM
Hello Chaim

This week I been busy for my Easter holiday and in between that I have sent to many people the videos on YouTube the same way I sent them the audios from the website and I get the same feedback how they love them all.  I enjoyed the Al Sharpton video very much you did with Sara it brought wonderful memories, that was probably the first time or so I got a chance to notice JTF on Queens cable from just channel surfing and since then I was hooked. I always said, now this is "Must see TV." Imagine that huh an Italian guy at the time I was in my early 20s, I hardly knew about the Rabbi but found out more about him through you and JTF and was amazed since what a great guy.  People thought I was nuts every week I had to put on the TV just for this.

I would like to see some more classic videos you did with her and with Joseph on YouTube I am trying as hard as I can to pass them along to others and if the day happens I ever win Lotto I promise with my heart that I am splitting the ticket with my family and the great people of JTF.

And now my comments and question.  I was really pleased you made an audio about smoking. I for one can not stand smoking I think it is not only a disgusting habit but a very dangerous one.  My grandmother was a heavy smoker it took her life, my father who is a great man a very hard working man always made sure his children never went to bed without food in their stomachs also was a heavy smoker, he is alive to day thank G-d but had suffered from it a triple bi pass from the smoking.

I personally can not see how anyone can even touch the stuff even they know the heavy risk from this nasty stuff that I hate the smell of it, and they say when you kiss a smoker is like kissing an ashtray.

So ty so much really about the audio you made about smoking.

And one last question a small one

I know we are in trouble with this election next year, and I heard of a candidate one night on C Span named Tommy Thompson he is a (R) that one of his platform is for energy independence to make Arab oil worthless as the sands their camel dump in.
In fact this is his quote it is on his website

''On the Environment and Energy, America must become independent in its
energy needs and break reliance on foreign oil. We must begin with greater
investments in renewable energy, like ethanol, so we can bring these
technologies to market faster and more efficiently. And we must come
together and deal with our changing climate.''  Tommy Thompson

How do you feel about him as a candidate for the 08 race?
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Post by: tonycali99 on April 09, 2007, 07:04:27 PM
hi chaim, how are you?  :)ok well i had a great spring brake, i went to the beach w my friend's and no, i tell the truth, none of the gay one's! well they all live out of staet & went home, so they coeldnt have come even if they wantted to. one, a couple week's ago i mensioned bath hous's, and thats bcuz my profesor talked about them a few time's. she say's to me that no, the bath hous's were not about sex, but about revalution! she said gay's met there underground to descus gay right's and pollitic's and they planned marche's and protist's in them. she say's gay rights were boarn in the hous's, is that true chaim.

and so for the second, yeah thats what my socio profesor said, but i also talked to my relig studie's doctor and told him about your websit. he say's you guy's are a joke. i got mad but bitt my tonge. when i told him i am confusd about gay right's and conservtasim, he said republacin sceintst's in 80s envented HIV to poison gay's, that sounds crazy but is it true?

thank you tonycali!
Title: Re: Ask JTF For April 15 Broadcast
Post by: Christian Zionist on April 09, 2007, 10:23:07 PM
Shalom Chaim!

What do you think about the growing influence of muslim computer professionals in the IT industry?.  Many muslim computer programmers are experts in writing harmful virus programs.  If they all can unite they can bring down several computer networks across America. They are also educating their fellow non-muslim workers about the "peaceful" nature of islam.  They hire new muslim candidates for jobs but an Irish American cannot hire another Irish American or a Jew cannot hire another Jew.  But the liberal morons who control the human resources department in many companies turn a blind eye to this and even allow muslims to pray in side the office but a Jew or Christian cannot do the same.   For me this looks like a far greater threat than illegal immigration to America.

Thanks in advance!

Christian Zionist
Title: Re: Ask JTF For April 15 Broadcast
Post by: Hidden Author on April 09, 2007, 11:56:18 PM
1. You said that the activities of the JDL in the '80s were responsible for freeing Soviet Jewry. Yet it seems that Mikhail Gorbachev's program of glasnost was at the end of the day the most important reason for their emancipation. Glasnost was the program through which Gorbachev introduced civil rights and democratic reforms--the democratic reforms enhanced the civil rights by breaking up the Communist Party's monopoly of power. With glasnost the Soviet government could no longer hold back Soviet Jewry, as it was being dismantled. Thus the release of Soviet Jewry like the secession of Russia's neighbors and the war in Chechnya were all the inevitable results of dismantling Communism.

2. You say there are "no gray areas" in the Israeli-Arab conflict. Yet is it really just to say to dispossess the families that have lived in the Holy Land for hundreds if not thousands of years? I know many (most?) of them are fanatical Muslims and therefore evil but others are relatively secular Muslims or even Christians. Should secular or Christian Arabs be dispossessed? And if they fight Israel, could it be that they are defending themselves from dispossession rather than being evil Jew-haters? Even Meir Kahane, who advocated their dispossession, said that he understood why they saw the Jews as thieves. After all, loyal Americans oppose Mexicans who say that they should run the Southwest because their Aztec ancestors inhabited the area hundreds of years ago while the Americans are white intruders so wouldn't local Christian Arabs who oppose Zionism be the equivalent of such Americans in the Holy Land? Doesn't a Gentile have the right to defend himself and his family if unjustifiably attacked without being called an anti-Semite, even if the attacker is a Jew?
Title: Re: Ask JTF For April 15 Broadcast
Post by: Allen-T on April 10, 2007, 07:29:48 AM
Hello Chaim,
I wanted to comment on something you said last week which I also heard you mention in your interview with Craig Winn. It's in regard to your opinion about what the Christian scriptures mean in regards to "turning the other cheek" and "loving your enemy". Briefly, there are 4 Greek words with different meanings that are translated "love" in the Christian scriptures. The scriptural command to love your enemies has nothing to do with feelings but is in essence a command to treat your enemies in a way that has the greatest potential to win them to the Christian faith, or at the very least not cause them to reject it. Turning the other cheek in it's correct context, as I understand it, is meant only to be applied in personal interactions between people in everyday situations, including extreme circumstances. It is of the up most importance that when one turns the other cheek he or she clearly communicates they are CHOOSING to do so because of the principle behind the action, It must NEVER be done to justify or conceal fear or cowardice. The totality of scripture clearly demonstrates that war is sometimes inevitable, and Christians must sometimes engage in warfare. Turn the other cheek can never be used to override rules of engagement during wartime. You cannot refuse to respond to a declaration of war based on turning the other cheek. I think that many Christians today are not understanding that the parameters of war have changed in this day and age. It's not a clearly defined battle between bordered nations anymore. My own church has been preaching a message about what a golden opportunity it is that these foreign invaders are coming here because it's an opportunity to preach to them, they might accept Jesus and go home and make their countries Christian. This is insanity. Contrary to many current Christian teachings, I believe ALL muslims must be viewed as enemy combatants first, and people second. The same goes for illegal aliens. We are at war in every sense of the word with both of these groups. Lastly, Rabbi Kahane's teachings, your programs and JTF in general have been a great blessing to me because all of you have given me a VERY MUCH NEEDED balance and perspective on how my faith should be reacting to what's going on in the world around us, and I want to thank you and everyone else for being such an inspiration to me in this manner. One quick question; Your sunglasses and hat remind me of someone on a jungle safari, is this intentional since you discuss primitive cultures so often?    
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Post by: Maimonides on April 10, 2007, 02:28:40 PM
Shalom Chaim and Thank you as always for your hard-work and answering my questions?

I know you have always and rightfully so opposed the Iraq disaster. However since you were foolishly ignored and the U.S. is their what would be your suggestion on how to get out with some resemblence of a victory, and what do you think will REALLY happen?
Title: Re: Ask JTF For April 15 Broadcast
Post by: Daniel on April 10, 2007, 07:47:10 PM
Hi Chaim. I'm curious to know your opinion on the latest scandal with Don Imus referring to the Rutgers girls basketball players as "nappy-headed hos" and how Al Sharpton lambasted Imus on his radio show for Imus's racist remarks. My personal take on the matter is that is was very inappropriate for Imus to say what he said. However, I think that having Al Sharpton lecture Don Imus on racism is the equivalent to having Adolph Hitler lecture Joseph Stalin on committing genocide.


Yacov Menashe adds: Sharpton just reacted to the comments because the players were black. The remarks were not racial in nature. They were just directed at people who happened to be black.

Title: Re: Ask JTF For April 15 Broadcast
Post by: Tzvi Ben Roshel1 on April 10, 2007, 09:41:13 PM

 Dear Chaim ,
         thank you for all your great work.

  I would like to ask if you know much about working in Israel. currently I am at Queens college, and arent sure which major and career to persue. would graduating  as an accounting, finance or economics major get me anywhere in Israel. Im not exactly sure if I should go for accounting, finance or economics becuase I dont know the demands in Israel. My college does offer Hebrew courses and I will take a few classes (but not if I go for finance since many other classes are needed for the major and i am in my second year).
Title: Re: Ask JTF For April 15 Broadcast
Post by: norman on April 11, 2007, 01:58:06 AM
Israel has at least 200 nuclear weapons and can make much more. They should use them to burn Mecca to radioactive dust and exterminate every last Muslim in the world. I hope your people will come to power and make this happen. Israel should be a Minister of death for the Islamic animals. I like the Jewish idea of completely exterminating your enemy. May Muhammad (piss be upon him) burn in hell.
Title: Re: Ask JTF For April 15 Broadcast
Post by: Zan on April 11, 2007, 03:40:01 AM
Hi Chaim!  ;D

What do you think of "the new atheism" as exemplified by Sam Harris in The End of Faith (2004), Daniel Dennett in Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon (2005), and especially Richard Dawkins in The God Delusion (2006)?

Many thanks, as always!

Title: Re: Ask JTF For April 15 Broadcast
Post by: kahaneloyalist on April 11, 2007, 03:53:59 AM
Dear Chaim,
       I know you are very opposed to Rav Ovadia Yosef, but his son Yaakov is strongly Kahanist and even sends his children to Noar Hazit. Do you think it might be worthwhile to lay off Rav Ovadia in order to avoid alienating his son who may lead Shas after him?
       On the english forum there has been a discussion about having a meeting of JTF supporters after the Israel day parade in New York, if this takes place would you be willing to attend and perphaps speak? If it takes place I could film the event for you
Title: Re: Ask JTF For April 15 Broadcast
Post by: YESHA on April 11, 2007, 07:40:40 AM
Shalom Chaim,

This is more a comment rather than question. Israel’s Channel 2 broadcast a feature report by Israeli journalists in which they purport to show how the 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon could have been prevented. The key, the reporters claim, is to be found in the investigation into the assassination of Knesset Member Rabbi Meir Kahane, H”yd, Egyptian Muslim Nazi terrorist pig El—Sayyid Nosair ysh”vz. In the piece, for the first time since the murder, it is revealed that Nosair publicly admitted that he killed Rabbi Kahane zt”l, in correspondence with the Israeli journalists.

In an effort to isolate the murder and ignore the connections with global Islamic jihad terror, American investigators ignored or whitewashed certain aspects of the crime, which even led to Nosair's acquittal on the murder charge (although he was jailed for illegal weapons possession and subsequently had his sentence extended to life following revelations that he was involved in the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center).  THIS IN THE CONCLUDING INTRESTING, SICK POINT BY El—Sayyid NOSAIR YEMACH SHEMO VZICHRO:  In correspondence with the filmmakers, Nosair claims that he has given up the path of terror and supports a peaceful resolution of the conflict over Israel – a single Jewish-Arab "State of Avraham" - Any comments?
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Post by: Global Warming is a Hoax on April 11, 2007, 05:57:31 PM
Dear Chaim, could it be possible for a jew that belongs to the deformed or conservative sect to NOT be a self-hating jew. I mean at face value to me it seems no, but im sure there are jews that do belong to these movements that hold Kahanist principles and what not. Kol Tuv,

-Aharon Ben Yitzchak

p.s. a salmon salad a day keeps the diseases away  ;D
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Post by: tykus1 on April 12, 2007, 11:35:32 AM
Dear Chaim,

Thanks for answering my previous questions regarding who controls the multinationals (12/06) and more recently how a Kahanist gov't would govern Israel.

First, you mentioned on a prior JTF show that human beings have free will to decide between what is right and what is wrong.  I agree with this.  However, along with this you did also reference that Hashem ultimatley dictates our ultimate destiny.  This appears to be a contradiction.  I agree with you that Hashem is perfect and has created all that ever existed and will exist.  The natural universe is in fact part of Hashem who has complete control over time and space and therefore knows the past, present and future.  Hashem is not limited by such physical constraints.  His power is boundless.  As such, Hashem knows the infinite number of outcomes of our collective decisions and what the consequences would be.  Is it that we humans have free will to decide for ourselves, and although the future has not happened yet, Hashem knows where those decisions will lead us?  I believe that it is our decision to either live or not live by Hashems Laws.  We have free will to decide.  If we do not follow, we suffer the consequences.  I am interested in what you think about this.

Secondly, regarding all of the so called "conservatives" in the media, I do agree with you that they are mouthpieces for the political and multinational elite.  I believe that their sole function is to let the population (at least those who think and care about our world) to blow off steam.  Sort of like a relief valve. Otherwise the pressure and frustration level would build to the point where people would begin to revolt and ultimately regain control over their rights and freedoms (bad for the ruling elite and multinationals).   When I am able to I do listen to the Mark Levin show on WABC Talkradio.  I think he tells it like it is and does not appear to cave in to the right and left agendas.  I realize that he is an employee of the network and as such has to adhere to their policy.  But he appears to agree with what JTF has been saying for years regarding economics, the judicial system, affirmative action, foreign affairs, energy, etc.  What are your opinions regarding Mr. Levin?  Perhaps you can be a guest on his show.  He appears to have a large listening audience.

May Hashem continue to give us the strength to keep up the fight for what is right.

Thank you

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Post by: judeanoncapta on April 12, 2007, 11:53:29 AM
Dear Chaim,  what do you think about the idea of unifying halakha and minhag for residents of Eretz Yisrael. Many Rabbis are calling for the Jews of Israel to drop their Sephardi or Ashkenzi minhagim and adopt the minhagim and piskei din of the Rabbis of Eretz Yisrael. It may sound strange but the actual halakha is that if you move to a different location, you adopt the customs and halakhic rulings of that area. This was what was always done until quite recently when the bulk of Jewry ended up in either America or Israel and the quickness of the Immigration and the sheer volume of communities displaced made it near impossible for them to accept one set of minhagim and halakhic rulings. Do you think that this should change?

Also, why do you say that a Muslim must leave Islam to become a righteous gentile because of the vicious hatred in Islamic books, and yet you say a Christian doesn’t have to leave Christianity for the same reason. It says in John 8:44 that the Jews are the seed of the devil. Every Christian believes that is the word of G-d. They have to. If they don’t, they cease to be Christians. Don’t tell me it’s out of context. I’ve read the entire chapter to make sure it wasn’t taken out of context. Why do you give Christians a free pass?
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Post by: True Kahanist on April 12, 2007, 08:23:10 PM
Dear Chaim,

1) Again I have been trying to convince people to move to Israel, but none of them are listening to me. They think I'm crazy. I have tried my best. Is there anything else I can do?

2) I bought From Freedom to Fascism DVD from Amazon and watched it: Gus Russo (director) has no left/right preferences. I know he's no way a Kahanist. But it will help people understand Bolshevism's hold on America. Do you recommend it for Americans to watch?

Toda Achi
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Post by: Lubab on April 12, 2007, 10:57:50 PM
1. Someone recently mentioned a great idea:
 YouTube is soon starting a forum where presidential candidates post videos about their policies and ANYONE can post video responses. You should do this and it could give JTF a lot of great exposure.

Here's a link to Romney's site: http://www.youtube.com/GovMittRomney

Here he asks people to tell him what they think America's greatest challenge is and how to meet it...thousands are watching, this is a chance to directly give a politician and many many voters  a peice of your mind:

2. I and others here on the forum strongly feel JTF needs to do make a few improvementsto its T.V. set to be taken seriously by a larger audience. I know JTF is short on cash but here are a few cheap suggestions I'd like you to consider:

a. Invest in a 3-point lighting set. The lighting currently is poor. This can be gotten for cheap if you get it used. Some ppl. on our forum know more about this than I do and are willing to help. It would make a world of difference to have good lighting.

b. Get microphone clips and small mikes for you and David. This will free up your hands and look much more professional.

c. The computer and office desk should not be in the shot. Find an empty part of the wall and just have the flag only.

d. Get a new Israeli flag. This one has seen better days.

e. Consider wearing a suit. And in general, if you don't have good fashion sense, try to keep it simple. You can't really go wrong with a solid colored shirt and grey or black pants. I'd keep away from flannel and striped shirts and just stick with the solids.

f. Take a short haircut so you can lose the hat. If you must wear a hat, the casket you wore on Oz77's Islam video is the best.

For what it's worth th people in the forum have pleged $95 pledged specifically for these types of improvements.

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Post by: ihkili18 on April 13, 2007, 04:19:10 PM
Hi Chaim, I was wondering if you became a major force in Israel would you compromise your intention to make Israel a country that forces people to behave according to the torah? If many Israeli Jews began to follow you and completely back your idea about throwing the muslim beasts out of there, but seemed to be turned off by your desire to make the country religous, would you be willing to compromise in order to throw the infiltrators with gatkis on their heads out and make Israel a proud, strong country once again? I myself wouldn't mind you making the country religous as long as people aren't forced to do anything they don't want to.

Also thank you for the kind comments you made about my relationship with my brother but I don't think the situation will ever be resolved. In two years when I finish college, I am going to go to medical school in Israel and I am not coming back so I guess I will no longer be around him. This whole ordeal with him has made me despise these black hat, white shirting Yeshiva guys that roam the streets of Brooklyn and the five towns. It has really turned me way off. Until next week, be well.
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Post by: cosmokramer on April 13, 2007, 06:46:58 PM
Hello Chaim hope all is well, Just answer if the qusetions are long.

1. When I move to Israel, (Yes I am studying Hebrew) I want to go into the IDF. Hopefully become an officer. Than after that politics, A subject that interests me very much. How can a sane Jew like myself beat the leftists and self-haters in Israel? My way of dealing with them would result in alot of busted leftists and self hating Jewish heads. I am deticated to defend my people any way I can. And yes even if it means death. I want us and the rightous gentiles to rise not fall. Maybe one day I will run for the Knesset.

2. Even though I diagree with your opinions on smokingin buildings and secondhand smoke, I do need to quit. I am commiting a Chillul Hashem every time I light one up. My father was a four to five pack a day smoker of filterless pall malls. I am seriously addicted to this filthy habit at two packs of winstons a day ,and every time I stop I suffer massive withdrawls, mentally and psycally. Now I have a ray of hope because on Shabbat I dont smoke at all. Is their any other way than one day at a time to quit this. Eating healthy might work, whichI do a majority of the time but I have to admit I like Hazelnut gelato and my favorite meal is chicken fried steak with hashbrowns and fried eggs.

All the best Chaim and hope to see you next year in Jerusalem.

Victor(Avigdor Ben Avraham)
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Post by: Ari on April 14, 2007, 12:58:15 AM
Hello Dear Chaim,

Hope you had a great week and all is well. 

This week I was wondering your thoughts are on the whole Don Imus fiasco.  Not that I am a fan of his, but I found it unbelievable how the schwartzes forced him out of a job for his seemingly innocuous and accurate "nappy ho" coments, especially since the lynching was led by two huge anti-semites, the fat slob Al Sharpton and the fraud Jesse "Heime Town" Jackson, in the name of civil rights.  Where are these two phonies and other black civil rights leaders when anti-semetic and anti-Catholic comments are made?  Not surprisingly the blacks only care about themselves, unlike the all too liberal Jews.  Yet, it shows how stupid schwartzes are as they spend their time complaining about a comedic radio show rather than focusing on the genocide of blacks in Darfur and black on black (ape has killed ape) crime in America.  What else is new?  On the other hand, maybe Jews should at least take a little page from the schwartzes when it comes to defending our own.  Not only, like the blacks dealing with Darfur, did most Jews do little when it came to our own genocide attempt during the Holoucast, whenever Jews are attacked in the media, it seems the self-haters offer immediate forgiveness and simply call for diversity training, rather than defending the Jewish peoples' honor (thank G-d for you Chaim). 

Anyway, Chaim, if you have time.  Also a quick follow up.  Since I had a Bar Mitzvah under a Conservative Rabbi, do I need to have a new one as I become more religious?  Also I was wondering if you ever eat baked potatoes or corn.  While not as nutritious as leafy green vegetables, they do have some nutritious value and can add a little variety to meals.  Thanks very much for all your hard work as always.


P.S.  I like Yacov's idea of meeting at the Israeli day parade.  Hope something can be arranged.  Take care.     
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Post by: ItalianZionist on April 15, 2007, 09:00:10 AM
Dear Chaim,
  Have you found any differences between the christian Tanach and the Jewish Bible?