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Hello, my friend.  Are you in any sort of trouble?   Are you in any need of assistance?

I answered your question a month ago:,94538.0.html
General Discussion / Re: Ding Dong Powell (mhmm) is Gone
« Last post by Dr. Dan on Today at 12:27:59 AM »
I feel that Powell is an American Hero.  Even though he turned his back on the Republican party, he stood by his beliefs.

AOC, Bernie, Arafat, and Farrakhan stand by their evil beliefs. Does that make them heroes?

Atheists stand by their beliefs too that they themselves are a god. Are they also heroes?
General Discussion / Re: Vayera question
« Last post by Dr. Dan on Today at 12:25:21 AM »
In regards to this instance of asking the reader if He should tell Abraham of the destruction that was about to happen, it may have been a rhetorical question with an answer explain to us why it was necessary to tell such a decent righteous man about what kind of justice God carries.

Abraham did have a lapse of judgement when he made a pact with abimelech by letting him keep a part of Eretz yisrael that God had promised Abraham. What immediately followed was the akedah.

One can learn that Jewish land for peace can lead to a parent sacrificing his children to wars and terrorism.

Nobody taught this lesson except for rabbi Kahane.
General Discussion / Re: Jew beats up alligator
« Last post by angryChineseKahanist on October 23, 2021, 10:18:18 PM »
That looks like a younger Adam Sandler. He was poplular in the 1990s.

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