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When will this SJW crap ever end? If anyone wants to know, SJW stands for Social Justice Warrior.
Shalom Chaim. Hope all is well.

1. Hate crimes are up in NYC. Mostly Asians, gays, and Jews. Pray tell, will the news ever tell us who the majority of the perpetrators are?  Mmhmm.
If there are multiple gods, they are necessarily limited to some type of body and form, so the Christian father isn't the Jewish God.
See Rambam, Laws of Injury and Damages 5:3: "A Gentile who strikes a Jew is liable to capital punishment, as it states (Ex. 2:12): And he (Moses) turned this way and that and saw that there was no man, and he killed the Egyptian." However, Rambam, Laws of Kings 10:6, states "A Gentile who strikes a Jew is liable to death (from God) for causing even the most minimal damage. Nevertheless, he is not executed (by a court)."

Why does he change his wording? 
Everything you said seems true about the aforementioned suspects.
1. Part 1: Why do blacks celebrate the end of slavery on "Juneteenth" and not the anniversary of the passing of the 13th Amendment that actually ended slavery?

Part 2: Comment on the following:

Many blacks think slavery ended on "Juneteenth". That's only when it ended in Texas, the last Confederate state where the Emancipation Proclamation was put into effect. I remember arguing with morons on Facebook and I said June 19, 1865 is not when slavery ended and one of them said that's when it's celebrated because it took time to be enforced even though Lincoln freed slaves in Confederate states in 1863. That's not the issue. The last slaves were only freed on December 6, 1865 when 13th Amendment was ratified by three-quarters of the then-states — 27 out of 36 — and became a part of the Constitution.  I think it's silly when blacks in Delaware celebrate it even though they were still slaves in Delaware and Kentucky until December. I guess they have no conception of History and time just like they don't with numbers. UMM HMM! Juneteenth is a regional holiday in Texas. It reminds me of how Cinco De Mayo is a regional holiday in a part of Mexico where the French were defeated and after that the French took over all of Mexico. People even think it's Mexico's Independence Day. They should celebrate when the French were kicked out, not when the French lost a single battle and then took over Mexico.

2. Juneteenth could refer to any date from June 13 to June 19. What is the origin of the name Juneteenth? Is it some Ebonics word?

שלום חיים היקר מה שלומך?  אתה צודק מליון אחוז על מה שאמרת לחיים אזולאי  אבל הוא לא רשע הוא טועה טעות גדולה וחמורה הוא היה באזכרות של הרב כהנא זצ"ל  רק לידעתך הוא מניח תפילין כול יום רציתי ללהגיד  שאתה צודק מליון לגבי נוער הגבעות אני מוכן לשתף איתך
 פעולה לגבי זה מתי מתאים שנעשה שיחה בזום או וואטספ יחד עם החברים שלי אודי ורטמן איתי גרנק סטיב פוגל שמואל שדה בן ציון גגולה הרב יואל מנוביץ
 יוסף רובין שחר דוד ועוד יהודים טובים למען נוער הגבעות שגם חבר הכנסת שמחה רוטמן אהיה בשיחה זום או וואטספ? אבל לפני זה אשמח שנדבר שיחה אישית אני ואתה בפרטי

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