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General Discussion / Re: UMM HMM "Shabbaton"
« Last post by ChabadKahanist on May 11, 2021, 11:55:10 PM »

The article claims there are 7.2 million American Jews and that 1 million of them are "of color".

Israel doesn't even have that many Jews yet and Israel has a higher Jewish population than any other country.

This article is not about the Hebros. They are counting the Deform and Conservative intermarried families and fake converts. An article that claims there are 7.2 million Jews in the US is obviously not counting real Jews.
How many are half breeds of mixed marriages who are not halachic Jews or "Black Hebrew Isra Liars"?
General Discussion / Re: UMM HMM "Shabbaton"
« Last post by Israel Chai on May 11, 2021, 11:02:32 PM »
Yes, the communist news frequently makes stupid, poorly researched articles that you should not click on because it pays them.
General Discussion / Re: Pollard: G-d gave us this Land - not the US
« Last post by Israel Chai on May 11, 2021, 11:00:30 PM »
They have declared Israel to be a colony or vassal if they van seize land and give it to other nations. As if Canada could open a Cuban embassy in Washington. While they pressure Israel to do it to herself each administration, here they act like they own the place by making a monument to America's efforts to take Israel away from us. Kick them out let America pay the rent for an embassy to wherever they go. But no diplomatic rights.
Yeah. I will appy for it, it won't hurt. It is almost as much as earn in a day.

Some companies reward 250 Euros to their employees. My company - nothing.

Dude you can earn 10 times that doing graphic design with a 2 week tutorial or little marketing bullcrap online for companies in the west... 25 euros sometimes I spend to get to work to save an hour.
All these recent events add up to one very obvious thing, Sniffy is funding terrorists because he drinks juice boxes while Obama has a third term and has returned to doing what he does.

It provides an excellent opportunity to kick massive amounts of Arabs out of Israel, and we can make the leftists hesitate by promoting an anti-American imperialism message.

G-d forbid another Jew is ever killed by an Arab terrorist. I estimate 2-300 Jews killed in the next four years as a result of Sniffy's policies, and not the ones the leftists want to be.
So far we have to beware and no one made them feel a bit of fear other than Rav Kahane. Also his really good speech that we might print and read on shabbos and like will also not scare them. We should beware the great fire of G-d for letting Arabs treat our innocents and land as they do.
Lots of Arabs target retards with their propaganda because they will obsess. I start laughing and shiver at how this will play out most likely. You made your kid the spokesmascot for something she didn't understand and got the world to reward every extra bit of emotion she had overloading her. Now you're in the big leagues and Muslims have people trained from childhood in that. They can use her six ways from Sunday now and if her parents can speak now it won't last.

I can't help but feel shame that if I had found the right words to convince everyone this is a scam that "the banks are giving mortgages there" doesn't seem to, or to get people to want this poor girl's parents to keep her from being used for cheap payouts from a political scam, it wouldn't happen, so I can't say it's a fitting punishment even though it matches, or it is and the punishment we all live with from these evils matches our unwillingness to act alongside that.
Great Rabbi. Good words. 😇
Nothing would bring the commie cops in faster than Jews rising up en masse to fight back. We need Chaim we need Rav Kahane. Why do us toughies need more things than 16 year old drama queens? It would be nice to have lots of things, but we need to fight back and then it'll make it easier for Chaim to come.
Jews from Lod Israel are being ethnic cleansed by Palestinians due to Palestinian pogroms.
The Israeli people must demand Chaim be let in Israel and let Chaim lead Israel defense forces.
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