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The guy who wrote that song:

For a Jew to write a song celebrating a goyische holiday, makes me believe that Berlin was a self-hating Jew. Why not write a song about Yoshke at Easter while you're at it?
The great rabbi Kahane once said that Israel is not compatible with western democracy.  Expand on that.
I see they have that kommie fist on that flag.
They can misrepresent Judaism but if someone dresses up as a schvartza, it be racist. The mayor once said that a white person should not dress up as some black rapper at the New Year's Day parade but it would be okay if a real black person dressed up as the rapper. He said if they want to make fun of someone, dress up as him (the white mayor) but not as the black rapper.

See the description below. The float had someone wear a blue Santa Claus hate that is basically the same but blue intead of red. It looked like they had some "Hanukkah" bush also. The other Hanukkah thing was some banner but it was all blacks holding it. I guess they work for the city. Jews were not part of it. It started at 5:00 PM. I they waited another hour for Shabbat to end, they could have at least had a Chabad car with a car menorah go in the parade. Then again, it might be forbidden to have any Jewish presence since idolatry was part of the parade. Maybe it would be okay since in the past, i saw a Chabad menorah in a public park where there was a big X-mas light with lit up trees. Also, there many times a Chabad menorah right next to the X-mas decorations in front of a public building.

They said the "Hanukkah" float was represented by some families which were probably some self-hating Jews. I watched the rerun on TV on Sunday Afternoon.

The Visit Philadelphia Holiday Parade is perfect event for all Philadelphians looking for some holiday cheer! This inclusive parade will feature floats representing Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year, and Christmas, with performances by local marching bands, cold air balloons of your favorite holiday characters, and much more.

General Discussion / Re: Biden lies about taking part in the 6 day war
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He doesn't even know where he is half the time.
Shalom, Chaim!  Is it OK for an American Jew (which I am) to celebrate American holidays like Thanksgiving, Mother's day, Father's day, July 4th and Memorial Day?  Thanks.
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