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Title: I gave an interview
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"Today, I thought I would do an interview with a Croat (a person from Croatia) who embraces the seven laws and share his views with the few who read my blog. I call him HRV, and he is known more fully as Hrvatski Noahid.

I might be hyping it up, calling it an interview when it seems more like a Q&A (questions and answers) session, but, hey, it’s a bit different. So let me introduce you to HRV.

Here goes.

Before I go into your relationship with the seven laws, can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I live in Croatia, Europe. I finished a Croatian elementary school and an American high school in California. My main secular interests are linguistics and literature. I work as a translator, teacher and secretary of several companies and organizations.

Do you see yourself as a nationalist (a person with strong loyalties to his own people) or a person not too bothered with nations?

I see myself as a nationalist. One of the reasons I don’t wish to convert to Judaism is my love for my people. I find that joining another nation would be a betrayal of the nation I belong to.

What are your views about the Jewish people?

The Jewish people are the most important people in history because they received the Torah at Mount Sinai. I believe Jews are commanded to compel all Gentiles to accept the Noahide commandments. I respect Jews who try their best to do so.

Define religion as we’ll get into that word in the next questions.

Belief in God often including a Divine moral code.

Before you know about the seven laws, did you have a religious affiliation?

I was raised Roman Catholic. I practiced Greco-Roman and Slavic paganism during my teenage years.

Are the seven laws a religion to you, or part of a religion?

Yes, the seven laws are a religion to me.

How did you learn about the seven laws?

I learned about the seven laws after years of theological research. Although I respected Judaism, I never wanted to become a Jew, so I thought that Judaism had nothing to offer me. One day I found an internet article on the seven laws.

What are you main sources of info about the seven laws?

The Divine Code by Rabbi Moshe Weiner. I own the second and third editions. I plan to buy future editions.

What do you see as the relationship between the seven laws and Gentile morality on a whole?

The seven laws are the objective standard of morality for all Gentiles. Many Gentiles have a problem with this fact because it is more convenient for them to follow their false religions. Yet, the first religion given to Adam on the day of his creation is still the true one.

Where do you want to be in 10 years? What are your aspirations?

Above all, I want to find a Noahide wife. I have been single for 8 years. Bachelorhood is extremely challenging. I want to better my understanding of the seven laws. It would be great if I could master German and Russian, or at least one of those languages.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 5 items would you want to be with you, and why?

A copy of the Divine Code to study the seven laws. An English-Croatian dictionary to make sure I understand every word in the Divine Code. A computer with internet access to spread the seven laws. The complete works of Nietzsche to learn German and a Russian grammar to learn Russian.

If you could meet with three people from any time period, who would they be and why?

Moses, Nietzsche and Antun Gustav Matoš. Moses is the greatest prophet of all time. Nietzsche is the greatest Gentile thinker of all time. Matoš is the greatest Croatian writer of all time.

Would you have any message that you’d want to share with others who may read this interview?

Gentiles are obligated to follow the Seven Noahide Commandments because they are the eternal command of God, transmitted through Moses our teacher in the Torah. Do not judge your fellow until you have stood in his place. Fear God and keep His commandments. Good luck."
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It is a very good interview.  :clap:
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Thanks guys  :)