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Arab Muslim Nazi Al-Jazeera
« on: December 03, 2006, 10:43:52 PM »
The Arab media in general and Al-Jazeera in particular are very Anti-Western in general and Anti-America and Anti-Israel in particular. They call Israel the “Little Satan” because they see Israel as an “infidel” interloper in the Middle East. They call America the “Big Satan” because of the perceived support of Israel by the American government. The Arab media spreads propaganda against Israel and America. For example a website called Palestinian Media Watch reports on libels in the Palestinian media. They quote Palestinian Authority TV as saying  “‘The Zionist criminals are planning to destroy the Al Aksa mosque on the grounds that they are searching for the Holy Temple, which they falsely claim is under the mosque... Offenses against our Islamic and Christian holy sites continue throughout Palestine. The Al Aksa mosque is under threat, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher has not been spared from desecration and destruction.… They drop objects from jet planes that attract children to play with them and then they blow up. These are bombs and mines designed as toys.’ [PA TV March 3, 2003]” []

Independent Media Review and Analysis [] quoted  an article by Palestinian Media Watch in which it also reported the following libel against America regarding the war in Iraq:

“Bush and Rumsfeld ‘are human beings whose ambitions have turned them into bloodthirsty beasts’ is the conclusion of this article condemning US involvement in Iraq, written by a Member of the PA Legislative Council in the official PA daily, Al Hayat Al Jadida. The American soldiers [in Iraq] are collapsing emotionally, because they are fighting a cruel war, that in their opinion has no justification and which appear to have no end. And this, while their enemy believes in their battle.”

“Bush says that he will stay in Iraq and win. To which victory is he referring? Did he not rain missiles down on Iraq, projectiles and explosives that equal at least 3 nuclear bombs? Did he not enlist the army, the navy, aircrafts and hundreds of millions of dollars in order to take over Baghdad, thanks to the treason of some spies? What additional victory does he want? Does he want the Iraqis to turn into domestic animals that surrender and bear the [yoke of] occupation while seeing the oil and the good of the land plundered, and when the honorable Iraqis turn to beggars, expecting the grace of the Americans.”

"Donald Rumsfeld recently spoke about the victory of the, what he called: ‘the war of ideas’. Which war and which ideas? Is it possible to put entire nation into solitary confinement.”

"Is this victory about which Rumsfeld speaks? Is it enough that Rumsfeld calls the ‘occupation’ – ‘liberation’, ‘interests’ ‘theft’ and the ‘military administration’ ‘independence’? Is it enough to overthrow the legitimate government of the country [whether or not it is really legitimate] and replace it with Al-Jalabi and similar people.”

"No, no, no! I do not think that Bush, Sharon and their counterparts like Rumsfeld and Mofaz truly believe that they have any logical sense. They are human beings whose ambitions have turned them into bloodthirsty beasts." [Nahidh Muneer Al-Ris, PA Legislative Council Rep, official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida Nov. 3, 2003]

These Arab medias can’t be neutral because they indoctrinate viewers with propaganda and libels to achieve their objectives. They agree with terrorists and Al-Jazeera has become sort of a mouthpiece for Al-Qaida. They base their hatred of Western “infidels” based on the Koran that says that “infidels” have to be killed. They teach this to children in schools. It is part of their religion and it can’t be stopped.

I believe it is impossible to install democracy in Muslim countries because it goes against everything Islam teaches. I believe the war was pointless since the goal is unachievable. They view this war as Jihad (Islamic Holy War). Koran 47:4 states: “Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers (in fight), smite at their necks; At length, when ye have thoroughly subdued them, bind a bond firmly (on them): thereafter (is the time for) either generosity or ransom: Until the war lays down its burdens.” []. Believing Muslims must believe in this according to Islam. So obviously Arab media is biased and not objective. 

The film “Control Room” did not make me rethink my view on the war. I view the entire Arab media as a spreader of propaganda as cited above. Al-Jazeera is not “fair and balanced” and is anti-American and against all non-Muslim “infidels”.  It is however like some American news networks such as CNN in that respect because they are both pro-Arab. It is not like FOX because FOX attempts to be pro-American.

I believe that Lieutenant John Rushing is too concerned with not harming civilians rather than winning the war. The terrorists hide in civilian populations on purpose. They do this in order to blame the army for atrocities against civilians. They call these people civilians as well as dead terrorists “shahidim” (“holy martyrs”). It was a mistake to get into Iraq because fighting Muslims is not a conventional war. They don’t mind blowing themselves up since they believe Allah will reward them with 72 virgins in Islamic paradise. Either you go and fight with massive force or you will not succeed. I believe the target in the war on terrorism was a poor one since you can’t change Islam. There were no weapons of mass destruction as Bush insisted and it instead gave the Arabs more reason to hate America. Instead, America should have bombed the Iranian nuclear reactors before the nuclear bombs reach the hands of terrorist organization that would attempt to set them off in major American and Israeli cities. If America doesn’t want to, it should give Israel the okay to do so just like Israel did to Iraq in 1981 which would have used nuclear weapons in both Gulf Wars if it hadn’t been for Israel.

The Arab media just can’t be trusted to be “fair and balanced”. It doesn’t suit their interests and goes against their religion. In short, it is even ridiculous to expect as much from Arab media sources.