Author Topic: An article on the positive effects of Arab transfer from Israel  (Read 1790 times)

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I think this is very important.   And we coud submitt it for publication, if possible.

I haven't seen an article written on this subject  before.  And if there were, those articles are few and far between.

Chaim could make videos based on these key points

We have to keep the article simple, clear, concise, realistic, and interesting
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Ok- here we go:

The positive effects of transfering the Arabs out of Israel.  (We can change the title at any time- but you get the idea)

A rough outline:

1) social fabric- (a terrorized country from within) a likely and substantial decrease in terror attacks from within Israel- reduction in murders and maimings

2) economy- all aspects.-Cost of  Arab welfare system in dollars/ costs of security to government/ to small business/ etc

3) likely increase in tourism

4) likely increase in Jewish immigration

5) likely decrease in Jewish emmigration (leaving the country)

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 other ideas which would improve our article  as well as rearanging any and all outline points

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Re: An article on the positive effects of Arab transfer from Israel
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simple argument is better and more effective and the only argument.

If you have 10 reasons for it, most of which are irrelevant. Then people can come up with 10 equally irrelevant reasons against it.. And if you lost.were trying to win the argument, you lost.

The simple argument has been expressed by rabbi meir kahane many times. Hear him on videos on youtube and a few on google video, and audio