Author Topic: NATO humiliates Serbs by releasing Bosnian Muslim war criminal Rasim Delic  (Read 1606 times)

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Bosnian Muslim war criminal Rasim Delic who had Mudzahedens under his command was only jailed by the NATO court of the Hague tribunal for three years long.

NATO + Jihad militants in war against the Bosnian Serbs.

More information

It is clear that the authorities of the EU and US who control this continent gave permission to the Jihadist to attack the Serbs. These Jihadist were probably also used by the US during the 80s to right the Russians. There were two Muslim option in former Yugoslav federal unit of Bosnia and Hercegovina, the option of Fikret Abdic and the option of Alija Izatbegovic. The US/EU and the Vatican supported the last option, the option of Alija Izatbegovic's radical Islam.
Muslim leader Fikret Abdic is today jailed in Croatia because he was supporting the Serbs during the 90s. Its clear that the US is on the side of radical Islamists.