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Naomi Ragen: Rabin Day
« on: November 22, 2008, 09:07:15 PM »

Today is the 13th anniversary of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin according to the Jewish calendar. In Israel the week around the day has long been turned by the Israeli political establishment into an annual ritual of McCarthyist attacks on freedom of speech. In ceremony after ceremony and speech after speech, Israelis are reminded by their politicians and by the chattering class that Rabin was murdered because those who disagreed with his policies were allowed to exercise freedom of speech. The myth of a conspiracy by Rabbis and by the political Right to have Rabin killed is repeated with all the mechanical repetition of the Big Lies of two generations ago. This year, even Olmert repeated it, although he was a member of the Likud in 95 and is clearly one of those the McCarthyist Left asserts is collectively guilty of the murder.

Never mind that not a single Rabbi has been identified as having expressed approval of the idea of killing Rabin, nor approval after it happened, and not a single politician from the Israeli Right cheered or said hurrah when Rabin was killed. A handful of fringe Kahanists might have said hurrah, half of whom were probably police moles, but they are hardly representative of the half of Israelis who opposed Rabin's policies.

I disliked Rabin and his policies. I think his policies were disasters and that they directly produced the 2000 or so Israeli deaths from the Oslo "peace process." That does not make me a killer of Rabin. I am tired of being accused by the McCarthyists of having been part of the assassination. Like virtually everyone else who hated Rabin's foolish policies, I wanted him evicted from power via an election and not murdered. I also want Kadima evicted via an election.

This was my responce

"Fringe Kahanist" Kahanist aren't fringe. Most of The Israeli Right wants the Arabs removed from Israel. This past week we had the 18th Yartzeit of the Great Rabbi Meir Kahane. It was Rabbi Meir Kahane ZT'L that saw the danger of Arabs living in Israel. We see in books that were written in the 1960's that even then Kahane was Right. The Israeli Media needs to stop pretending that only extremist support Rabbi Kahane. Almost all settlers support his agenda. The Settlers of Israel are living in Israeli Biblical heartland and they want to live in peace but the Arabs won't let that. In addition to that The IDF keeps breaking into the homes of law abiding citizens and arresting them for being Settlers which is a biblical commandment. Stop denying the obvious and support the removal of Arabs from Israel one only needs to look at Gaza to know what would happen if G-d forbid Israel were cut in half and the Arabs were to take over. Not to mention the over half a million Jews that would be displaced. The Western Wall and the Temple Mount would be in Arab Control. If that is what you want fine. But Real Jews want the whole land of Israel and that includes the Borders that were gained in the 1967 6 day War.
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Re: Naomi Ragen: Rabin Day
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Excellent response!