Author Topic: As Conservatives Launch Ads In Support Of O’Donnell, Her Poll Numbers Are Inchin  (Read 807 times)

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Christine O'Donnell, the Tea Party-backed Senate candidate in Delaware, has been under intense media scrutiny and suffered heavy criticism for her socially conservative views. In order to boost her chances in November, one organization has launched an ad campaign that blasts her Democratic opponent's record.

The First Amendment Alliance (FAA) has set out to highlight some of Chris Coons' decisions during his tenure as county executive. They included three property tax increases and his support for the $787 billion dollar stimulus package.

"[We are] fully committed to showing the stark contrast between Coons, the big government deficit spender and O'Donnell, who opposes government bailouts, Obamacare and the bankrupting of our nation," said Anthony Holm, president of the FAA.

The organization also stressed that its initiative is "the first clear signal" that the conservative movement will unite behind O'Donnell, despite the GOP's initially lukewarm acceptance of her primary victory.

Meanwhile, recent polls suggest the gap between the two candidates may be narrowing. Just 10 days ago, some surveys put Coons at 54 percent to O'Donnell's 39 percent. However, according to the new Rasmussen poll, the Tea Party-backed candidate is now earning 40 percent of the likely vote, while Coons' support has dropped to 49 percent.
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