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The Bermuda Triangle and The Existince of an Overseas Solomonic Empire

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--- Quote from: lubab on June 17, 2007, 03:33:16 PM ---Last week on Ask JTF someone (I think it was Sarah) asked about if the Torah had anything to say about the Bermuda triangle.

While there is no direct reference I'm aware of to this specific area, it is interesting to note that Rashi on Talmud Berachos 8A says that "there are parts of the ocean that do not tolerate metal", and he goes on to say that sailors would somehow tie ropes to their ship to avoid this problem.

Could it be the magnetism from rocks at the bottom of the ocean pulling those ships down because of the METAL used on the bottom of the ship? Could that be what Rashi means "that parts of the ocean do not tolerate metal"?

Is this another example of the Torah being way ahead of the curve, while others are speculating about UFOs and other craziness?

I'm not looking for a debate (JDL4ever), I'm just throwing this out there.

There is a book written about what the Torah says about this called: Nachalei Yosef, by Rabbi Ba-Gad,
if anyone is really interested.

--- End quote ---

Update: My Rabbi never ceases to amaze me. Above I posted his speculation that the reason why Rashi says there are certain parts of the ocean that cannot "handle" metal-was because of rocks that have strong magnetism.

He was learning this Talmudic passage today and found that the commentary on Rashi known as the Rashash (Rabbi Shimon Strusher) says exactly this. On berachos 8a He says that what Rashi means is that the rocks down there act as very strong magnets which pulls the metal towards it.

This would even account for why sometimes planes went down-b/c when the magnetism throws off their navigation system (which was commonly reported to happen)-they would start to fly lower and then they would get pulled completely down.

I think this mystery is solved.

good explanation.  I think commentaries like this could be extremely useful today to help make Jews observant or at least more curious about the Torah.

Where's the sambata river

Kahane-Was-Right BT:

--- Quote from: Sarah on June 18, 2007, 03:25:06 PM ---I was just thinking about this lubab and if it is mentioned in the Torah then why haven't scientists even attempted to research such a thing and identify the triangles mysteries because it is still unexplainable!

Have you ever heard about the two seas, one with sweet water and the other with salty water, meeting at a point yet never mizing together? Is there such thing in the Torah?

--- End quote ---

Sarah, I'm afraid you've been misled by Muslim charlatans because actually this is not in the Koran either, but some of them say it is in order to trick people into believing Islam!  I just saw a video on it the other day. 


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