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« on: February 29, 2012, 05:58:03 PM »
I as an American have also trespassed against the Serbian people (whom I now admire as a brave and noble bulwark against Socialism and Islam in Europe). Growing during the Clinton era, I bought into all of the bul in the medial about Serbian "atrocities" against Muslim Albanians and Bosniaks, when In fact the reverse was true. I just recently learned about the 8,000 Serbs murdered during the Balkan conflict of the early to-mid nineties. I always remembered from my studies that we Americans were friends of the Serbs in both World Wars. I now remember why: the Serbs are a great people, and their history has been tarnished for too long. I WON'T MAKE THIS MISTAKE AGAIN EITHER.

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Re: Sorry
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Apologies are nice.
however you have been here a month and made only 3 posts.

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Re: Sorry
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Thank you.