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The last days of the operation storm
« on: September 03, 2007, 03:58:23 PM »
The last days of the operation storm.

The arrival of Croatian forces with their allies from Bosnia.
On 04-08-1995 the Croatian army attacked the Serbian Republic of Krajina.

This same territory named Krajina was brutally terrorized by the Croatian
extremists during the second world war. With Nazi-German support the Croats established the so called independent state of Croatia which was a nazi-ustasa state.

The head program  of their government was as follows:
-   to destroy physically one third of the Serb population
-   to force one third of the Serbs to accept the roman catholic religion
-   to banish the last third population of Serbs out of Croatian borders.

The result was 700.000 Serbs were killed in concentration camps like Jasenovac together with a great number of Jew and Gypsy victims. Because the second world war was ended in 1945 Croatia was not able to solve the Serb question. The nazi-ustasa sate of Croatia was reborn during the collapse of Yugoslavia in the year of 1990. What they couldn’t established in WW2 they establish it in 1995, the creation of a independent state of Croatia with out the presence of the Serbs.

See how “heroic” Bosnian Muslim and Catholic soldiers are arriving in the Serbian land named Krajina. The line of people in this video are Serb refugees which were banished from their homeland Krajina. This same region Krajina was in 1992 declared as a UN protected area. Look what was happening in this so called protected zone. Just like during the WW2 the ustasas are again torturing Serbian people, the same symbols and the same methods are used again against Serbian orthodox people just like in 1941.

Units like this one "crne mambe" and "Hamze" also from Bosnia committed serious crimes on Serbs durring the ending of R.S.Krajina

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Re: The last days of the operation storm
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The Serbs running from death...

Only 60 years ago, nazi Croats after killing the innocent Serbs and Jews.
Serbia will never surrender Kosovo to the breakaway province's ethnic Albanian majority or trade its territory for European Union or NATO membership,