• A Zionist Jew Who Loves Trump

    Trump miraculously recovers and heals from the deadly Corona in less than 3 days and Chaim once again shows us he has Trump Derange Syndrome, are you jealous of Trump Chaim? Don’t you get tired of being wrong about Trump? Maybe Hashem gave Trump Covid so he could heal him immediately and show the world that God is with Trump. Jews love Trump you will never change this.

    • G-d is with Trump even though he stabs Israel in the back and supports gay marriage? He supports nazis? I don’t think so. He’s still sick. He hasn’t been healed. If he doesn’t get right and repent and support Israel, he WILL die. If not that, he will lose the elections and face prosecution in New York.

      He now says that gold star families gave him the virus. WHAT?!

      • Get lost Troll, Trump is 100% healed by the power of Hashem, Trump has more energy and health than most 20 year old men. 80% of all Orthodox Jews are voting Trump, Israel Loves Trump, only dumb evil liberal Jews hate Trump. God is with Trump everyone knows this, all Trump’s enemies fall for example Elijah Cummings, Ruth Ginsburg, Senator McCain. Trump has God on his side like a Messiah he drains the swamp and exposes the deep state. God Bless Trump. Chaim won’t admit it, he was completely wrong about Trump, he keeps attacking Trump and keeps losing every time he attacks, not to mention he lost many of his followers because of his Trump derange Syndrome.


  • U good in talking, sadly ur a frog of ur own pond. Lake of knowledge open ur mind my friend.

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