Hamas leader met with top Iran commander

In sign of flowering ties with Iran who is developing nuclear weapons, Khaled Mashaal of Hamas reported to have covert meeting with Quds force chief Qassem Soleimani

hamas_iranThe leader of Hamas met with a senior Iranian commander following Israel’s war with Gaza over the summer, an Arabic-language paper reported Tuesday, highlighting tightening ties between Tehran and the [so-called] “Palestinian” terror group.

Khaled Mashaal and Iran’s al-Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani held a meeting in Turkey several days after the conflict ended in late August, Saudi daily Al-Hayat reported.

Iran and Hamas have been at odds over Mashaal’s lack of support for the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad, a main Iranian client, though Tehran is thought to have outfitted [Arab Muslims] in the Hamas-ruled Strip with weapons and missile-building know-how to use against Israel [Jews].

Mashaal was only allowed to meet with Soleimani, a powerful military leader who is thought to have led Iranian operations abroad, after receiving the green light from Hamas, according to the report, which was also carried by Israeli news site Ynet.


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