“Hands up I HATE you!” Look who leads the country in hate crimes

The FBI has released its latest statistics on Hate Crimes in America and the numbers will certainly be ignored by some in the media.

The first statistic that jumps off the page when reviewing the Bureau’s Uniform Crime Report Hate Crime Statistics, 2013 is that claims that America is a hate filled nation are wishful thinking lies. The total number of “hate crimes” reported nationwide in 2013 was, at 5928, not even 6000! For a population of approximately 315 million people this number is low enough to support a claim that Hate Crimes don’t happen in our polyglot nation.

Nevertheless, of course they do happen and we should be constantly working to reduce this number to a flat zero. Given this goal it is important to examine the internal numbers provided by the FBI to determine where our efforts to reduce Hate Crimes should be made.

prison jailFirst we must ask who does not commit Hate Crimes in a large enough number to have a meaningful impact on the overall picture. The report shows that Native Americans Asians and multi-race people commit Hate Crimes at rates that are low enough to be discounted as a factor in determining where these Hate Crimes are coming from.

Since America is approximately 68% White it would be logical to presume that Whites commit 68% of Hate Crimes – but that would only hold true in the fairy tale PC world the liberals and their media puppets live in.

The report tells us just 52 % of Hate Crime offenders are White. This represents a substantially smaller number than the PC world would believe.

That brings us to the Hate Crime Kings and Queens; our Black population. While Blacks are just 12% of our population they commit 24% of the reported and verified Hate Crimes the rest of us suffer.

Given the events of 2014 this disparity can only worsen in the next Hate Crime report from the FBI; don’t hold your breath waiting for that fact to show up on the Evening News.

This data comes from Hate Crime Statistics, 2013 U.S. Department of Justice—Federal Bureau of Investigation Released Fall 20143




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