Hannity and Coulter still blame #NeverTrump and GOP for liberal Donald Trump’s own failure

In order to prove just how far up their own Obamas they have their heads, Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity whined like crybabies that somehow everyone else is to blame for Trump getting schlonged by the worst Democrat candidate in a generation. Just like the liberal moron they support, they can’t take personal responsibility for the terrible nomination choice they made.

Watch below:

Sean Hannity, whose vocabulary consists of about 100 words, keeps repeating “if Hillary wins I am blaming them directly for their sabotage,” as if he’ll have a job after his gimpmaster gets trounced by Hillary. He’ll be “blaming” us into a tin can with a string attached to it while throwing footballs from the gutter once people realize he was in on the big con game.

The morons continue fanning each other’s dim wits in the next segment:

So it’s the Wall Street Journal that is crashing Trump’s campaign by forcing him to attack a Gold Star family and a judge of Mexican descent? Also it’s completely National Review’s fault that the idiot kept ripping into Ted Cruz and other Republicans instead of Hillary right after the convention. AND it was the “GOP establishment” that kept the infantile cretin from fundraising enough to spend on ads and campaign infrastructure.

But notice – Ann Coulter ADMITS that Trump made a mistake by supporting amnesty, it’s somehow National Review’s fault that this cheeto-faced idiot is plummeting?

These delusional idiots just can’t responsibility for foisting this damnable idiot on the Republican party and they’re panicking to blame someone else after telling us we were irrelevant and they didn’t need our votes. They have all the wit of a bowl of mashed maggots.


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  • Outstanding points. Trump, his media enablers, and public figure supporters have made the GOP even more a branch of the democrat party than it already was. Hannity and Coulter are just like Trump their cowardly draft dodging yet wants to draft women in the military, homosexual supporting, planned parenthood praising, transgender enabling, eminent domain king, supporter and funded of Clinton both before and after Benghazi, lover of big government and its subsides, anti-free trader unless it benefits him, illegal alien hirer, foreign factory work lover, H2B foreign work hirer over citizens of this country, tax evader, Soros partner, owned by Chinese banks and Goldman-Sachs, Putin and other dictator lover, corrupt businessman, thief and crook who steals from widows, students, subcontractors, and others he can con, made the GOP convention a homosexual promoting and trump idolatry worshipping disgusting event I have never seen the likes of. Trump is afraid to release his tax returns and “off the record” NYT interview because it will further expose him for the fake he is and show us how much is doesn’t give a damn for America.

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