Hillary Can’t Decide Whether Her Lawyers Deleted Her Emails or She Did

hillary_clintonBoth. Neither. No wait … Bush!

That most transparent of all politicians, Hillary Clinton, gave an interview to Andrea Mitchell on Friday morning in which she discussed her ongoing-and-only-getting-worse email scandal. During that interview she made a statement that Mitchell briefly focused on, even prompting Clinton to repeat it. The folks at Legal Insurrection were paying attention.

From LI:

In the Mitchell interview, Hillary contradicted her prior claim that she made the decision what was personal, and said that her lawyers conducted that process for her and decided what to turn over to the State Department:

No question that happened. Here is a partial transcript, again from Legal Insurrection. First, from this morning:

HILLARY: “And they [State Dept.] asked that we, all of us, go through our emails, to determine what was work-related and to provide that for them. The letter came to my lawyers, I asked my lawyers to please do that, and it took weeks, but they went through every …”

ANDREA MITCHELL: “So the lawyers went through it?”

HILLARY: Yes. Every single email.

And now, from August 18th.

We went through a painstaking process, so we turned over 55,000 pages of anything we thought could be work related. Under the law that decision was made by the official, I was the official. I made those decisions.

Which of these versions of events is correct? Who decided what emails would be deleted? Hillary can’t even be honest about that.


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