• Carter had a high IQ. EQ is important too.

    • Carter has no EQ

    • Which site is Better jtf.org or
      hayamin.org ?

    • An Example of
      Anti-Semitism , Jew-Hatred in the New York City Public High Schools, this one time in the late 1990’s
      A teacher in class who was a
      White Christian , said to a
      Male Student who was also a
      White Christian and wearing a baseball hat, the teacher said
      to the student
      “No hats in class” The white male student “jokingly” replied
      “No, I’m Jewish” referring to the skullcap Religious Jews wear
      Now, if that White Male Christian Gentile Student truly was Jewish, he would Not be wearing a
      skullcap or anything that could identify him as being Jewish, so that he would Not be the Victim of a Hate Crime . In certain New York City Public High Schools there are very very few Jewish or part-Jewish students, if there are they try to hide being Jewish, but often that is impossible if they look Jewish, stereotypically Jewish or sound Jewish or have a Jewish surname . Thus this leads to Jewish or Half-Jewish, part-Jewish Students having
      Anxiety, Depression, Self-hatred , and wishing that they were Not Born Jewish

      • Are you a troll or self hating?

      • Then this other time in the Public High School Cafeteria , a
        wiseass jackass latino male student said to a
        Jewish male student
        “Where’s your hat ?”
        The Jewish student replied
        “What hat ?”
        The Latino Male Student said
        “You’re Jewish right, you look Jewish” the Jewish student denied being Jewish because of Fear of Anti-Semitism
        The dumbass latino male student was referring to the skullcap Religious Jews wear

        • People like the wise ass are jealous and stupid worthless pieces of shit.

          • What are they jealous of ? Jealous of What ?

          • Hello ? What exactly was the wiseass jealous of ?
            And also when Jewish or part-Jewish Students Experience Anti-Semitism in the Public Schools , it causes them to develop severe Jewish Self-Hatred and wish that they were Not born Jewish, the Racial, Ethnic Aspect of Jewishness that cannot be Changed

        • I went to school with these a holes. They are jealous of Jews. They think they all have money. Some of these Latinos have Jewish landlords they don’t like.
          If you are Jewish be proud. Stop being a wimp. Take some boxing and self defense. Love lift weights. Remember the original NY gangsters were Jewish.

          • What about the student with the baseball hat in
            class , who “jokingly” said that he’s Jewish
            Plus Vile Obsessive
            Nutcase Anti-Semites
            like DAVID Duke loves to mention how the original NY gangsters were Jewish
            David Duke aka
            David Dookie then claims
            “Jews controlled crime”

        • I don’t care about what anti semites say about factual information that they misuse to fit their agenda.
          Just like not all Italians are going n the mafia, not all Jews were gangsters in the 1920s.
          I am simply pointing out that the stereotype of the Woody Allen Jew is a misnomer. Jews are a tough people when they want to be. You seem to be both ignorant,low IQ , emotionally week or perhaps a troll.

    • What about
      Vivek Ramaswamy for President in 2024 He appears on Fox News every so often

    • From the New York Post ,
      nypost.com an article is headlined
      “Left’s miseducation on the Jewish state rooted in falsehoods and blatant bigotry”
      By Liel Leibovitz on
      July 2, 2023

    • Chaim , jewishjournal.com has an article headlined
      “The Rudderless Jews” by
      Thane Rosenbaum
      on June 28, 2023 about how Everyone Unjustly Hates the Jews and Israel as Always
      Many Christians have even said that the Rising Anti-Semitism and Hatred of Jews and Israel is a
      Biblical Sign that we are Definitely Living in the End Times, Last Days and that Jesus will Return Very Soon

    • The US Navy just stopped Iran from seizing two oil tankers in Gulf of Oman , Iran cannot be trusted

      • More about Iran being Diabolical
        apnews.com has an article headlined
        “UK, Canada, Sweden, Ukraine take Iran to top UN court over 2020 downing of a Ukrainian passenger jet”
        Published on July 5, 2023

    • At JTF how do we feel about the Death Penalty for
      Robert Bowers ? Some argue he should get Life in Prison , that while Bowers is a Monster and possibly Mentally ill that he should Get Life in Prison, others argue that he should Indeed Get the Death Penalty . What is the JTF opinion on the Death Penalty and specifically the Death Penalty for Robert Bowers ?

      • Anyone else want to see
        Bowers get the Death Penalty ?
        Let’s Hope his Execution is Slow and Painful , they should serve him dogsh-t as his
        Last Meal

  • Did anyone hear the news that the Heartless Pig Kyrie Irving
    is now an unrestricted free agent , can we get him banned from the
    NBA and all Sports Forever

  • Without affirmative action what is I gonna do

  • Affirmative Action is finished, except the white Jew liberal admissions offices will call it something else, multiculturalism and diversity and sneak the schwartzes in through the back door. Now you know why there has always been
    Such antisemitism for the past four thousand years.

  • George w bush and Trump equals affirmative action. The rich and connected never go hungry.

  • Thank you Chaim. I will be making a series of contributions in the near future.

  • Chaim did you hear about the massive riots in France ?

    • I’m glad. The frogs laugh as USA when we have our race riots. Are they handling it any better? They should ship their spooks to Devil’s Island.

      • The frogs deserve every bit of it. Frogland wanted to take in outsiders and never was overly friendly to the Jews.

        On a side note has anyone noticed how extensive the media controls and censures information? Ever since the news came out about the french cop shooting, the name of the person shot was NEVER fully released. Only the first name and an initial for the last. Why is that? Has anyone else questioned that too?

  • The last survivor of Adolf Hitler’s bunker, has died at 94 , Her name was Johanna Ruf , she was probably a Vile Anti-Semite and Jew-Hater

  • Yesterday Fox News admitted that
    Patriotism in America is at an All Time Low , an All Time Low , an All Time Low..
    Probably because the
    “Freedom” in America is a Joke, Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies, Not Even That, Not Even That, America has Many Horribly Unjust Cruel Inhumane Barbaric Asinine
    “Laws” that sadly Backfire Terribly on Society and sadly create all sorts of Incidents on a daily basis, where is the Common Sense
    Countless Americans are
    Suffering from Poverty, Hunger, Homelessness, Loneliness, Incel ,
    Involuntary Celibacy Problems ,
    The list goes on

    • Stupid, unjust, Retarded, outdated, cruel, inhumane, asinine, barbaric, oppressive, restrictive
      “Laws” in America make it
      Impossible for most Americans to be Patriotic
      Incels are Human Beings with Feelings , Not Monsters

    • In addition to the: “Stupid, unjust, Retarded, outdated, cruel, inhumane, asinine, barbaric, oppressive, restrictive “Laws” in America, you also have Stupid, unjust, Retarded, outdated, cruel, inhumane, asinine, barbaric, oppressive, restrictive POLTICIANS in America WHO make it Impossible for most Americans to be Patriot

  • Seriously in Junior High & High Schools in New York City, why can’t Non-Jewish students mind their own damn business
    Why Must they ask other students
    “Are you Jewish ?” Seriously, why can’t they mind their own damn business, it’s inappropriate of them to ask , it makes others uncomfortable

  • Again why couldn’t the
    Non-Jewish Students mind their own f–king business
    What’s their problem ?

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