How Netanyahu-Ben Gvir government will create “Palestine” state, G-d forbid (video)


A brief Hebrew video with English subtitles (after the first 8 seconds).

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  • Anyone read the book
    By Benjamin Weingarten, Andrew C. McCarthy people have said this book is Superb

  • The thing is in the
    New York City Secular Public Schools, especially in Junior High & High Schools, the few Secular Jewish or half-Jewish Students even if they don’t have Jewish surnames but look Jewish are sadly in serious danger from the
    Jew-Hater & Anti-Semite Students. It’s Impossible for them to hide behind Jewish or part-Jewish if they look Jewish. Plus the Jewish students or part-Jewish students then feel deeply inferior and different from the Vast Majority of Students who are Gentiles

    • Correction,
      It’s Impossible for them to hide BEING Jewish or part-Jewish if they look Jewish. Plus the Jewish students or part-Jewish students then feel deeply inferior and different from the Vast Majority of Students who are Gentiles , Full Blooded Gentile, they feel Very Uncomfortable being Jewish or part-Jewish, half-Jewish, and many students who can’t mind their own damn business asking the Jewish or part-Jewish, half-Jewish students
      “Are you Jewish?”

  • Plus, wasn’t there this
    Public Opinion Poll done several decades ago in Israel, where it asked Jewish Israelis if they could hypothetically be born over again. Would they choose to be Jewish, only 40 percent said they would choose to be Jewish, that shows how After the Holocaust, even in Israel how common
    Jewish Self-Hatred is.
    Plus during the Holocaust of
    World War II , how many of the
    6 Million Jews who were killed died as Self-hating Jews ?

  • The public schools in NYC were dangerous in the 80s when I went. For whites.

    • In the Public Secular Junior High & High Schools in New York City would the Jewish teachers and Staff use their power to Protect Jewish and half-Jewish Students, would they use their Power

  • No. The Jewish teachers were the most self hating communists at my high school. Or at least the deans.

  • So do we think
    Itamar Ben-Gvir is a
    Self-Hating Jew ?

  • Nothing is more ghoulish than
    Christian Palestinianism how
    Fake Christians support
    Fakestinians over Israel

  • From an article is headlined
    “10 Errors of Christian Palestinianism” by Jim Showers
    In January/February 2013

  • From
    An article is headlined
    “The Six Dangers of Christian Palestinianism”
    MAR 25, 2015 by Oliver Jack Melnick

  • Seriously, WTF ? Why can’t the
    Anti-Semite , Anti-Israel, Jew-Hater Bigots and Losers with their
    Pathological Obsessions with hating Jews and Israel realize that many Jews and people who are part-Jewish don’t like being Jewish either and don’t like looking Jewish either. Do these Loser Bigots realize that Jewish Self-Hatred is Very Common ?

  • I read online about how this One time in Global Studies class in High School in the 1990’s in New York City, the
    White Christian Male teacher was talking to the students about the Horrors of Slavery, innocent Blacks taken from Africa, treated worse than animals, crammed into Boats and shipped to America and other parts of the World
    A female White Christian Student said to the teacher
    “I can’t believe how the Blacks were treated like they weren’t even human beings, it was so Evil, so
    Immoral, so disgusting” the White female Christian student was horrified by how Innocent Blacks were treated. Slavery was Evil and an Injustice, the World must Never Forget the Horrors of Slavery and how Innocent Blacks suffered
    Now if that same White Christian Male Teacher was Teaching about the Horrors of the Nazi Holocaust, how 6 Million Jews were Killed and treated even worse than the Black Slaves , would that
    White Female Christian Student even care ? Would she ? As Compared to how she was horrified and upset, deeply moved by how innocent Blacks were treated during Slavery ,

    • Of course the White Christian Male Teacher didn’t mention how
      The Arabs were behind the Slave trade of Innocent Black people, how it was an Arab Slave Trade that caused horrible Black Suffering

  • Was anyone ever offended by the TV show
    “The Nanny” with  Fran Drescher as Fran Fine

  • Hatred of Jews in America and Worldwide is so Extreme and Intense in 2022 that for the sake of Argument a Purely Hypothetical Situation , if every single individual Jewish or
    Half-Jewish person, part-Jewish person on the Planet , in America, Israel and Worldwide were to build a Giant Spaceship and get into the Spaceship or Spaceships and let’s say travel to a distant uninhabited planet in our Galaxy, let’s say
    50,000 light years from Earth to live there Free from Anti-Semitism & Jew-Hatred & Persecution.

  • If all the Jews left Earth. We All Know that countless Gentiles on Earth would still hate the Jews with a Passion, and blame the Jews for all The World’s Problems, even without a Single Jewish Person remaining on Earth.

  • Furthermore, if all the Jews left Earth , we all Know that countless Anti-Semitic Gentiles on Earth would Attempt to track down the New Jewish Homeworld
    50,000 light years from Earth to Murder all the Jews in Cold Blood .

  • Any opinions about Actress
    Angelina Jolie

  • Who cares about lousy Hollywood actors except for Reagan.

  • Elaborate in Reagan. He was good in foreign policy. Would a Carter 2nd term be better?

    • Reagan was Very Extremely Overated , He Abused his Power to Intensify the
      “War on Drugs” that made countless things worse
      Homelessness Increased under Reagan, Google it

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