HuffPo Article: “Racism was Created by White People”

Baltimore Black RiotsWriting for the Huffington Post, Mandy Hitchcock declared that racism “was created by white people” and that it is entirely on white people to end it.

In her article, titled “It’s My Job to Raise Children Who Are Not Only Not Racist But Actively Anti-Racist,” Hitchcock spends multiple paragraphs on the privileges that white people have.

“Zero: the number of times I have discussed race or racism in any meaningful way with my white four-year-old son,” Hitchcock writes. “Of all of the many privileges I enjoy as a white woman in America, this is by far the most significant.”

She continues, “What a luxury. What a privilege as a mother to be able simply to ignore race and racism if I wanted to, if it were too uncomfortable to discuss, if I just didn’t know what to say.”

Hitchcock continues to talk about privilege, remarking, “Descriptors like “white” and “black” to describe actual people will likely go over my son’s head at this point. What a luxury. What a privilege.

“…Parents of black children are trying to help their children survive and thrive in a culture that does not value their lives, even though their ancestors built the very foundations of America through nearly three centuries of enslavement, torture, rape, and murder,” Hitchcock then explains. “As a parent of white children, I have the luxury of never even having these conversations at all.”

All this privilege and all of these luxuries for “whites” must end, according to Hitchcock. And the root of these troubles for African Americans and racism is because of white people.

Not being racist is not enough, she argues. “While we must absolutely listen to and try to understand and love our black brothers and sisters,” Hitchcock says (emphasis mine), “while we must absolutely bear witness to the pain that is the black experience in America, while we must absolutely stand in solidarity with black people, racism is a white problem. It was created by white people, and it must be solved by white people.

“It is not the responsibility of our black brothers and sisters to teach us how not to be racist, to educate us about racism, to explain white privilege to us, to tell us where to begin. It is our job as white people to do that work. It is our job to raise the generation of white children who will end racism in this country,” she writes.

She will teach her son these things, Hitchcock continues: “It is my job to make him understand that his privileges as a white male in this country are built upon those nearly three centuries of enslavement, torture, rape, and murder, and that with great privilege comes great responsibility.

“…I am not sure where to begin, but I must begin somewhere,” Hitchcock concludes. “And I must begin now. It is my job.”

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  • As Confucius stated 25 hundred years ago: “So go the homes, goes the Nation”.
    This still holds true today, no matter how optimistic leftists like this self-hating (probably single) mom happen to be.
    A broken home remains a threat to national security and takes many many generations to mend, if ever.

    Will American culture carry into the future the works of Franklin, Jefferson, Moses and Mozart or those of Farrakhan, Jackson, Muhamedans and MTV (Empty V)?

    It is interesting to note that during the colonial period, up to WWII, it was mostly leftist leaders who by far most aggressively advocated the “white man’s burden and duty to civilize inferior races”, a conveniently forgotten fact. Orwell would have liked the misguided woman who wrote that article, she is simply following the newspeak bolshevik party line.

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