Islam at its best! Arabs open Jewish grave and photograph themselves with the corpse


Islam at its best!
The Arab Muslim youths in the picture below decided that traditional attacking of Jews such as stone throwing, murder, or raping women is “old fashioned” and there is a need to be more “creative”, so they went to one of the Jewish cemeteries in their country (Algeria), opened one of the graves and photographed themselves with a corpse.

Algerian Arabs remove Jewish body from grave


  • The Hebrew lettering at the start of the article translates to BS, does that mean this article is bullshit? Also the person on the left appears to be wearing a ‘Help for Heroes’ wrist band. This is an odd picture all round….

    • Gay necro fetish. Wait, no, it’s just following the way of mohamed.

    • BS”D( בס״ד) is in Aramaic, not Hebrew, although it is using Hebrew letters, and stands for “Be-Si’ata D’Shma’ia”, & means: “with God’s help” or benevolence…

    • What a schmuck you are.

    • Not BS, BH – Baruch HaShem. Or G-d bless, G-d willing.

      • The word is GOD not G-d. Why are you so afraid to write (say) it:

        • Arlene Cole, many Jews do not write out G-d’s name in a place where it may be discarded or erased out of respect because of His holiness. The actual name of G-d is never pronounced out loud in Judaism.

          So even though on a computer the name is not really being erased (and perhaps is not really there in the first place), and “G-d” is only an English term used to translate G-d’s holy name, it is in keeping with this respect that many religious Jews write it this way.

          I hope that answers your question.

        • Not afraid at all; the word reflecting the Creator is so sacred, Jewish people prefer not to spell it all the way out as a sign of respect, reverence, and humility.

        • Anonymousanonymous Anonymous

          Not afraid at all; the word reflecting the Creator is so sacred, Jewish people prefer not to spell it all the way out as a sign of respect, reverence, and humility.

    • You moron, the Hebrew lettering is initials for “with god’s help”

    • So how it supports your claims?
      BH”D (With Help of God; and not BS) in Hebrew means that the picture had been taken from religious Jewish site and not a factor on the picture interpretation. The site sure brought evidence for that Islamic typical behave that can’t surprise anyone anymore !

    • It’s בסד wich is Jewish tradition to start any letter or paper with that and it stands for “b’syata d’shmaya. Means with gods help let me write this paper

      So yes ב ס does have the same initials as B S but has very different meanings

    • The hebrew lettering does not translate to BS it’s a abriviation for “with the help of God”. I’m all for people expressing themselves however if you don’t know what you are talking about dont make urself look stupid and misrepresent things you don’t know.

    • @ukinfidel
      בס”ד In English – Translation of בס”ד to English from Morfix dictionary, the leading online English Hebrew translation site, with audio pronunciation, inflections, synonyms, example sentences, Hebrew Nikud (punctuation), encyclopedia and more.It means ‘with Gods help

  • The lettering means Necrophiliac Muslims looking for some loving and the wristband reads…Islam…a religion of peace.

  • They’re in the coffin dug it up for some reason.

  • The corpse dose not even look real looks like move prop corpse to me

  • And what about The jewish narrow minded animals that murdered the arabic kid? Thats fine?
    (And im not left wing…i just hate right radical stupid narrow minded groups that wish to have more war propoganda in order to cause more harmful flames against us and the palestinians).

    • >And im not left wing…i just hate right radical stupid narrow minded groups that wish to have more war propoganda in order to cause more harmful flames against us and the palestinians

      Muslims hate Jews across the world, in the Middle East and in Europe. Looking at history, they hated Jews before Israel was created, they hated Jews when Maimonides was alive, and they hated Jews going all the way back to before Muhammad died.

      What kind of sick twisted ideology have you been foolishly convinced into following that you think when Muslims spend years attacking and degrading Jews across the world, Jews aren’t even allowed to remove them from our presence. Infact you act as if Jews shouldn’t even be allowed to report it when Muslims attack Jews, which is what this article does. Auschwitz ideology.

      • How can anyone be retarded enough to believe that the gaza strip violence was isreals fault!? Of course not. Didnt anyone see benjamin netanyahu warning that if he felt the threat against his people crossed the “red line” he would have no choice but to defend them. And he did, great leader that he is. Then, hamas wont stop firing rockets, why? Because they have clearly stated that isreal and america must be eradicated. So they know where they are most likely to be bombed and what do they do? House their women and kids in those areas. Then post photos of the carnage on facebook to try to get all the retards to believe that isreal did it for fun….? I want to cry and scream, the stupidity in our society scares me so

        • ameerica must be educated how it is to live in israel near the worst people in this world what a shame that we have to watch how we talk in america instead of telling the united states of america the truth about our horrible neighbors in israel all they want to do is attack innocent people in israel instead of peace they throw rockets not carring if women children elders or whom ever is affected there terroists not humans humans care about one another these people all they care about is hurting and killing the infidel

    • Thankfully G-d has avenged the Jewish nation on , the Muslim nations that waged war against Israel and are now imploding. Obviously he must have ignored your prayers to do this.

      • The antisemetism and hatred against Jewish people by Islam will have its day in the court of the Almighty. The Lord is going to avenge his people and his Holy City, the bible predicts it, we just don’t know the time frame.

    • Arabs use children as shields. They are going to get hurt and they know that.

    • If ALL worthless islamic dogs would just die, there would be no war. Palistine doesn’t even truly exist. The area of Israel has been the land of the Jews since long before the pedophile mohammad wrote the lies contained in the quarn.

    • Just recently members of the “religion of peace” infiltrated a school in Pakistan and in the name of Allah they lit a teacher on fire in front of students, beheaded innocent children and planted bombs and randomly executed children. Over 100 innocent CHILDREN were targeted intentionally. What a lovely religion that condones these vile acts.

    • If you weren’t left wing, you wouldn’t excuse one wrong act with another act. And there are no Fraudestinians. Name the first Fakestinian king.

    • You are the worst and dumbest example of a human being. You and the rest of the terrorists invading israel should die of cancer and aids.

    • If you do not like children being killed, you should go after those who attack civilians and hide behind children to shield themselves. You do not seem to be bothered by Jews being killed.

    • You speak as if you’re somebody without the state of israel.Give palestinians state today they’ll carefully eliminate all jews in israel.The greatests enemies of d arabs are jews right from ancient time.Please,stop destroying d roof that protects u.

    • Your an asshole. Nobody said that murdering that child was fine They were caught and convicted in Israel and are serving life in prison. Unlike the Arabs they hail their murderers as heroes. What an ignorant thing for you to say. Just keep your mouth shut

      • Arabs are the Worst , they
        Celebrate murder of innocent people ,
        Arabs Suck , Arab people Suck
        Arabs are the Worst race of people in the World

    • What about an eye for an eye

    • What about them? What does that have to do with this article?

    • There was no murder invoked in any unfortunate killing of innocents by Jews. Those were unfortunate events in response to self defense, don’t be fooled by propaganda

    • And you sir win retard of the thread!! Congratulations moron! Hopefully one of your Palestinian friends will show you how much they appreciate you 🙂 hopefully you’ll never get what I am saying retard.

    • No, you’re not hateful towards Jews in the least. Wipe the spittle from your beard you creep!

    • why dont u go live in palistine see how long u could live that life

  • What is this with desecrating graves – anyone’s grave? Afraid a living person might hit back?

  • The cannot weight to join them How miserable a human can be? the are animal in this planet. The are Naturally born criminal Muslim pigs.

  • They look more like models, then two guys who just dug up a grave. Did they go home and wash up before their pictures or did they make the guy taking the picture dig up the grave and then photograph them. Some people just put sh*t out there to insight people to hate each other. Just saying

  • Where did it take place?

  • The vandalized cemetery in Algiers is mostly of crypt-like burial spaces, so bodies are in brick-lined holes and not buried under 6 feet of dirt. It is very possible that two young men could have opened a crypt/grave and entered it without getting covered in dirt. That these two men do not have dirt on them proves nothing at all.

  • That’s no help for heroes bracelet it’s the wrong colour

  • I wonder what would the news have said if those were jewish kids and it was an arabs tomb. Then the corpse surely would be a lttle bit more realistic maybe?….. What an otrage those hatefull jews¡ There is allways a double standard …

  • What a way to get your kicks eh! These people are mentally ill. Do normal people go around digging up bodies and have their pictures taken with them? This is satanic.

  • May all the curses befall upon those muslamic criminals.

  • Claudio Riveros


  • Espero que las Autoridades pongan entre rejas a estos maleantes.

  • The never ending feud between Jews and Muslims is similar to the situation in the US between Caucasians and colored people.

  • These guys are much too clean to have just dug open a grave. I say “BS”

  • There are hadith that say Mohammad had sex with dead bodies.

  • They do this all the time In some really nasty places in the US as well. Wont say who that wouldn’t be moderate 😉

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