Israeli electric company cuts power to two West Bank cities over debt – and then turned it back on


See all the nice people in Gaza getting free electricity?

The Muslim Arabs in Israel have been getting free electricity for so many years (along with free water, gas, food, medicine, and education). If I don’t pay my electric bill, they shut mine off right away. Muslims in Israel get extra special treatment that Jews never get.

Israel’s state-owned electric company briefly cut power to two [Muslim Arab] cities in the West Bank on Monday to press for payment of what it said was $492 million owed by the [so-called] “Palestinian government”.

“The Israel Electric Corporation limited for 45 minutes today the supply of electricity to five power lines in Nablus and Jenin,” the company said in a statement, adding that further cuts were possible.

Nablus Mayor Ghassan Al-Shaka’a said the power went out in parts of the city and was gradually restored. “This is collective punishment,” he told Reuters, calling the blackouts politically motivated. [Because giving you free electricity isn’t political at all.]

Israel Electric Corp said in a statement it had “long warned…about a debt that has ballooned to more than 1.9 billion shekels over the years – but no solution has been found”.

[Muslim Arab terrorists] in the West Bank are largely dependent on electricity supplied by Israel Electric Corp.


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  • There are lot of stupid people the vast majority being jew atleast goy living there want to make money unlike lots of self hating jew happy to give money to the sworn enemy of israel stupid country.

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