Israeli turmoil caused by proposed judicial reform (Reuven Ben Avraham and Chaim Ben Pesach)


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  • Great show! I don’t have a *million* dollars lol but I will be sending in my donation in the near future bli neder. Thanks Chaim and Reuven.

  • has an article headlined :
    “The “Palestinian people”: the most colossal scam in the history of the world”
    NOV 5, 2019 BY ROBERT SPENCER many good comments and links to other websites are given

  • Was T.E. Lawrence
    Thomas Edward Lawrence
    aka “Lawrence of Arabia” a
    Zionist as some have suggested ?

  • has an article headlined
    “Was the Holocaust Predictable?”
    JANUARY 27, 2023

  • has an article on April 7, 2023 headlined
    “Our enemies smell weakness”

  • Some have claimed that the
    Anti-Semites and Jew-Haters are
    Jealous of Jews , but what exactly are they jealous of ?

  • Gimme a new one. I’m tired of this old one. No religious excuses.

  • Henry Kissinger will soon be 100 years old. Is there a JTF birthday message for him.

  • Is Anthony Weiner still a Jew?

  • Always support small business and serve on jury duty.

  • Many Non-Religious Jews and Half-Jewish, part-Jewish Persons can’t stand their Jewish looks and facial appearance, making them feel Very Uncomfortable, and they are made even more Uncomfortable when people constantly can’t mind their own damn business and ask
    “Are you Jewish ?” Seriously why can’t people mind their own damn business

  • Another “Joke” about how the whole World unjustly hates Israel
    The Family Guy Episode
    “The 2000-Year-Old-Virgin” which aired December 7, 2014 had this segment the woman on the Speed date with Jesus asks
    “Where are you from?” Jesus replies “Israel” Notice the reaction of the woman

    • Now in that Family Guy episode
      What if Jesus replied
      “Palestine” ?
      What if Jesus replied Palestine ? Would that have turned the woman on ?
      And many Bibles have Maps that say
      “Palestine in the Time of Christ”
      However in the Time of Christ , there was no such place as
      “Palestine” that name is a Roman Invention in 135 A.D. by the Roman Emperor Hadrian

      • has an article headlined
        “Palestine, the Nation that Never Existed” by Bob Ryan
        Nov 26, 2022

    • Is Seth MacFarlane an
      Anti-Semite hiding behind “jokes”
      a wittier Mel Gibson as some claim

  • Never join AARP.

    • What’s so Terrible about AARP ?
      Plus has an article headlined “Man Sues Israel, Italy for Death of Christ” by Matthew Schmitz
      August 2, 2013 about a Kenyan Lawyer who wanted to Sue Both
      Israel and Italy for the Death of
      Christ , other articles about this Kenyan “lawyer” are online

  • Oh Chaim Chaim now you know how serious I was the whole time. Is the world ready for Moshiach or you want to wait under your lizards a little longer?

  • When the Rabbis Marched on
    Washington D.C. in October 1943 to Protest the Nazi Extermination of the Jews , did any members of the Christian Clergy or Other
    Christians join the Rabbis in demanding that FDR take more Action to Save the Jews of Europe
    Does anyone Know ?

  • If the Nazis killed Bernie Madoff and made a lampshade out of him, I wouldn’t complain.

    • Madoff was a scapegoat for the larger fraud that brought down the economy in 2008. No one went to jail for the Freddie and Fannie crimes
      Madoff as usual was the little guy who took the fall.

  • A stampede in Yemen’s Capital has killed at least 78

  • A person recently typed on Facebook this April 2023
    “This is Israel. Where an Arab operative can be ordered to murder at any time. Here an Arab operative has used his car to ram into innocents. The man on the car hood, 3 others down. When will it stop? When Israel starts to value Jewish lives, that’s when. Every Israel government since has Ben- Gurion has an unspoken, unwritten agreement with the Arabs. “We will allow you a certain number of victims for slaughter in order to maintain the status quo. But don’t go over the number.” What is the number??”

    Is there really an unspoken, unwritten agreement with the Arabs since Ben-Gurion to allow a certain number of victims to slaughter to maintain the status quo ?

  • Again,
    Is there really an unspoken, unwritten agreement with the Arabs since Ben-Gurion to allow a certain number of victims to slaughter to maintain the status quo ?

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