Feminists Claiming Zionism Is “Built To Uphold White Supremacy”

The left claims that Jews defending their very lives is somehow racism.

Mahroh Jahangiri, an editor at Feministing.com, recently published an article in which she claims Zionism is a system “built to uphold white supremacy” (emphasis added):

In case you missed it, women are flooding social media this week to share our stories of sexual assault and harassment, using the hashtag #MeToo to “give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.” Though this should be obvious, in this moment it bears repeating: gender-based violence does not exist without other systems of violence, especially those built to uphold white supremacy (such as racism, colonialism, zionism, militarism) …

But just as we acknowledge that rape does not happen in a vacuum and that gender violence comes from our fathers, brothers, friends, and partners, we have also *got to admit* that this violence often specifically comes from people in institutions many amongst us otherwise support: men with badges, those in uniform, people who staff detention facilities across our arbitrary borders and outside of them (in Guantanamo, Iraq, Israel), men who learn harmful stereotypes about women of color from American culture and media, and most importantly, people of all genders who support them.

Unfortunately, Zionism-as-white-supremacy is an argument that’s been tossed around by progressives for quite some time. Those who rail against a Jewish State are either unwilling or unable to understand two very important, and very obvious, facts:

  • The Jewish people are a minority group who were targeted by white supremacists (see: Nazis) in the 1930s and 1940s, resulting in the brutal execution of approximately 6,000,000 of them via shooting or gas chambers.
  • Israel is home to a multitude of people of varying ethnicities and faiths — Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc. Even among the Jewish population, there are variant races (see: Ethiopian Jews).

Unsurprisingly, Jahangiri doesn’t expand on her contention that Zionism “uphold[s] white supremacy.” Rather, she simply lists it right next to “racism” and “colonialism” as if the notion is obvious.

The Daily Wire reached out to Jahangiri through multiple avenues in order to offer her an opportunity to explain her case more thoroughly. As of this publication, she has not replied to our messages.


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  • I think just projection here. Feminists have generally hated minorities and their movements were for non minority women only. There are so many examples. Planned Parenthood, the daughters of the confederacy that made cheap status of Robert E Lee to push Jim Crow. There were mostly upper class woman at a time where male privilege was being drafted to WWI and they hate real minority groups as they want to be the ultimate minority. They also generally hate Israel as well. It is just sad many Jews can’t accept that. And feminism has nothing to do with women being treated with dignity.

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