Jewish soldier stabbed in Samaria by Arab, terrorist killed


Scene of the attack

Reports indicate that a terrorist tried to stab an IDF officer at the entrance to Har Eival, near Shechem.

The terrorist first threw an object at the soldiers’ vehicle. When they exited the vehicle in order to find the source of the threat, he pulled out a knife and stabbed the officer in his hand. The other soldiers at the scene shot and killed the terrorist. The stabbed officer was declared lightly wounded and has been evacuated.

According to Mako, the victim was the deputy commander of the company.

A Molotov cocktail was found near the scene of the attack. It may be what the terrorist threw before drawing his knife.

The Palestinian Authority’s health ministry has acknowledged the death, though it has not released the terrorist’s identity.

Earlier today, another terrorist tried to stab civilians near Kiryat Arba. In that instance, nearby soldiers were able to shoot and kill the attacker before he did any damage.

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