• Honestly, it is not a big issue. Orthodox conversions are corrupt as well and some of the people converted don’t care for the Jewish people either.

    You’re telling me that Jared Kushner’s girlfriend and Rahm Emanuel’s girlfriend being converted by Orthodox Rabbis was done based on their sincerity. I think it is because they were wealthy. So I honestly don’t trust Orthodox conversions either and don’t see large numbers of people doing this anyway.

    I still don’t understand why some want Israel to basically become a state that imports our exile style existence into Israel. Orthodox Rabbis aren’t correct about Maternal Lineage which thankfully Israel allows you to make Aliya if one of your Grandparents are Jewish. DNA evidence shows that European Jews on the maternal side has some traces to Europe and that is because some Jewish men early in some exiles that didn’t have an established Jewish community married local women and the women raised the child Jewish. So by the Rabbis own definition they may not be Jewish yet want to force this standard on a group that isn’t their own which isn’t right. And the Rabbis are afraid of science because it will expose some of the dogma they have created. If a child’s father isn’t Jewish what right does he have to the land of Israel as land and tribe is generally passed on through the father. Maybe in the exile when Jews couldn’t own land some of the Rabbinic laws make sense but they shouldn’t be imported into Israel. That is absurd and I would hope that settling the land of Israel would change this mentality. For Rabbi Kahane as well. He was a Cohen which means he had a role in Temple service which is the true worshp of God. Not the synagogue.

  • pancake rachel corrie

    chaim , its very funny that the jews are so prominent in the law and in creating new laws and more laws and yet they cant follow one law in judaism

  • The Reform must say their prayers on the Temple Mount, which is surely a much better place for their prayers.
    Oops, of course the Moslems will scream and kick, but the top of the Temple Mount is massively bigger than the Western Wall and in Israel, where all religions are free to follow their religion, the exclusion of non Moslems from the Mount is against the basic law of Israel

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