• I m rather convinced these are minor crimes, the tree hiding the big forest…!

  • Netanyahu needs to go he has bowed to FAKE Christian Trump

  • I hate to say it, but even if Elizabeth warren or Bernie Sanders becomes the DNC candidate, we still can’t vote for Trump.

    No way Jose! Trump Warren and Bernie are ALL BAD NEWS FOR ISRAEL…

    Don’t matter if the glass hits the stone or vice versa… The Stone aint gonna feel a thing!

    Besides… A two term presidency for Trump would be a disaster for the GOP! Ocassio Cortez is running for President in 2024 when she’s old enough and IF TRUMP IS RELECTED I PROMISE SHE WILL WIN IF SHE IS DNC CANDIDATE! G-D FORBID!!

    Israel has fared worse. Our goal should be getting you back to Israel to get things better! Israel Needs to return to its faith.

    • I think that if people stop watching/ listening believing what the media tells them then, they would understand that all the politicians work for a specific group of people that don’t have your interest at heart. Now who they are is a different question

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